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The Walking Dead Revisited

I’ve been binge watching. Is that an addiction? I’m certain one day I will be part of a support group for binge watchers everywhere. Until then, I’ll admit my fault, and say I’ve been binge watching The Walking Dead. It doesn’t sound so bad when I put it into that context. Doesn’t it? Well, binge watching is this: take a television series and watch it one episode after another until you’ve consumed every single one in a relatively short span. Who needs to wait for the next episode when you’re binge watching? Not me.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

Anyway, for today’s Monday Mayhem, I have an observation for you Walking Dead fans.

Let’s talk about Season Three. Now, if you’ve never seen The Walking Dead, I suggest you skip to the last paragraph to see what I have to say about the series because I will certainly spoil it for you by revealing key elements of the plot.

Back to Season Three—I know The Walking Dead is a Drama/Horror show. I know that. AMC has established that by the story and plotlines. And I love that about the show. But what I’d like to see more of is humor. Inject a few bits of humor here and there, and I’ll love you even more. It’s not a criticism. Not at all. I just find after long stretches of binge watching, as a viewer, some levity would bring me back to focus on the stories.

Rick & Daryl
Rick & Daryl

For instance, when Rick and the other survivors take over the prison, they encounter the remnant of the prison population who haven’t turned. That to me is a great story. Even better is when the survivors try to explain to the former prisoners how to kill the walkers. They specifically instruct them how to aim for the head. Get rid of the brain. Get rid of the problem. Well, what happens? As soon as the group meets with walkers, the former prisoners hit prison riot mode and they assault the walkers in a flurry of body blows, which, by the way, has no effect on the undead other than to prove they can withstand stabbings and mutilations to the torso. In some respect, it’s a funny scene due to how it all went down. None of the former prisoners listened to any of the instructions, but instead did their own thing.

The other funny moment in Season Three, is when one of the former prisoners is hanging out with Beth as she coddles Lori’s baby in a prison cell. A known felon, he asks her how old she is. She says sixteen (I think that’s how it goes—I can’t remember). He then says, “Interesting.” All of a sudden, I roll my eyes thinking the worst. Fast forward to a minute later when Carol and the former prisoner have an off-the-cuff conversation away from the rest. He had convinced himself that she wasn’t interested in men. Guess what he says when he discovers otherwise. Yep. He says, “Interesting.” Of course, she says something that totally shoots him down. And there lies the humor.

I wish for more humor in subsequent seasons, not only for us binge watchers, but also for the new viewers.

What do you think?


What do you like about The Walking Dead? Do you have a favorite season?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

17 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Revisited

  1. You want to have a whole new aspect of the Walking Dead? You need to find yourself a mortician who enjoys the show. How do I know? One of my daughters is in the funeral industry and is an embalmer. I made it through the very first episode as far as the man riding on the horse into a metropolitan area populated by a hoard of zombies. I have no idea how he got away from that hoard while under the bus. I was “Outta There”. My daughter’s accompanying dialogue to the show, discussing the vagaries of deteriorating human flesh or horrific injuries with bones exposed was so intense and unrelenting that I baled….her laughing at me all the way out of the room.

    1. Or a forensic pathologist / Medical Examiner. I took a class back in the 1980s taught by the somewhat well – known Dr. William Bass. You started me thinking about what such an expert would say about zombies / walkers.

      1. If you have the stomach for it, and I don’t, the conversations could very well be very informative. My daughter loves to tease me about my squeamishness. TMI!

        Thanks, zathra, I enjoyed your thoughts on this matter.

      2. I worked in a hospital after that, & I heard ALL manner of things, you either get used to it or wear earplugs. I can watch videos of autopsies & think nothing of it.

      3. I have to tell you… of our daughters is an ICU Trauma Nurse and an ER Floater, and the other one I mentioned is an embalmer. There are times when those two talk shop it can be quite interesting. Don’t know what to do half the time. Laugh my butt of over the things they say or gag and retch. 😀

      4. Watch some medical documentaries. I used to have Discovery Health ( ? ) & they had all manner of weird stuff in their line – up. Which I will refrain from discussing here. 🙂

  2. That was such a funny scene with Carol and Moustache guy, the series could use more of that. The show has a good mix of character stuff and gross out zombie kills, so addicting! 🙂

    1. I noticed also how the characters sometimes deliver one-liners with straight faces. And let’s not also forget how in one scene, later in the series, walkers were falling off the edge of a building making a huge splat sound as it hit the pavement below. I found that equally hilarious!

    1. Z Nation is ” Walking Dead Lite “, I would say. It’s really in a class of its own. & like I said, ” In The Flesh ” comes at zombies from YET ANOTHER angle – The returned undead as victims of a disease / syndrome in need of rehab, rather than participating in a ” Zombie Apocalypse “. The season 2 finale of ” In the Flesh ” was heartbreaking.

  3. I definitely think that seeing the trailer for the mid season of Season 5, with the old timey music playing throughout the sequence, that the writers agree with you, and we will be seeing some humor interjected back into the series…Season 5 has been intense!

    1. I still wonder what will happen with Eugene – Will he redeem himself for stringing along a bunch of them with a ” cure ” ?

      What about Father Gabriel ? Will he continue to be a spineless lump of dead weight or will he get a spine & become an ass – kicker ?

  4. Humor amidst the zombie apocalypse – May I recommend ” Z Nation ” to you ?
    It’s roughly in the same vein as ” Zombieland “. The wit ranges from ” Dry ” to ” Gonzo ” – A bunch of zombies ( “Zs ” ) getting hit by a runaway Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Another group apparently finding a pharmaceutical factory that turns out Ritalin & VIAGRA.

    I thumbed my nose & harrumphed at it at 1st, but I do watch it, & enjoy it, even though it will probably NEVER have the status or gravity of ” The Walking Dead “.

    & there’s BBC’s ” In The Flesh ” which is a different creature from ” Z Nation ” & ” The Walking Dead ” entirely. I HOPE there’s a 3rd season, really.

      1. I guess you could say it’s sparkly & unpretenscious, dry, with bittersweet, tangy overtones. 🙂

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