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God Is Forgiveness

How can one forgive if love is not in the heart? When a person does us wrong, do we curse them and go on our way? This ought not to be. For as God is love, so is He forgiveness. He forgave us when we repented and gave our hearts to Him. In the same way, we ought to forgive others their transgressions so that we might become as God, filled with love, overlooking another’s sin against us.

“And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.” (Mark 11:25)

When we forgive, we have released ourselves from harboring a grudge. Bitterness is poison to the heart, slowly laying waste our most prized attributes: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Why would we want to hate someone and lose our souls in the process?

God has given us the greatest example of forgiveness when he gave up His Son Jesus so that we might have salvation. No other event is as meaningful as His sacrifice on our behalf. We no longer carry the burden of sin, for Christ alone carried it for us to the cross.

God not only had forgiven us, but He also sent the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to help us forgive others in the same way. By this, we would become as He is, loving and forgiving, for God is forgiveness.


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

28 thoughts on “God Is Forgiveness

  1. I love this article. It is very encouraging to know that God forgives us of our sins, also, “we should forgive others of their transgressions if we want God to forgive us”. This brings us closer to god knowing that we are forgiven for our sins.

    1. God’s love changes the heart. What we are now reflects His character and allows us to do what is right according to His righteousness, which lives in us and makes us righteous as well. And forgiveness is the wonderful fruit we produce from that divine love! Blessings Mikaela!

  2. Biblical teaching offers a Principle that should guide us.

    In two moments, in prayer, the LORD taught us to ask; and asked, in relation to everyone those who were to be saved:
    “Deliver us from evil.” (Matthew 6:13; John 17:15)

    I do not wish evil.
    I do not wish to be a creditor or hostage to anyone in the world.
    I seek my condition of FREEDOM and GRACE, if allowed to do me, for more unlikely as it may seem, before the LORD. These are my HOPE.

    There are many Good and Beautiful things that God has created or can create to beautify people’s lives and faith.

    Evil is a negation, it is ugly; and puts us in the condition of disgrace and curse before the LORD and the world.

    CHRIST offers us the OPPOSITE, mercy, blessing, and PEACE!
    Surrendered His Own Life to Affirm His Truth, and invites us to SHARE IT.

    Accepting HIS INVITATION is the RIGHT CHOICE we should make, anytime and anywhere.
    Like this I understand and believe.

  3. You began the discussion by asking, “How can one forgive if love is not in the heart?” Great question. Which makes me rewind to a thought I can’t shake which is, “What if we are all just going about this forgiveness issue all wrong?”

    To forgive (im thinking of the most heinous offenses) I have to have a love in my heart that is bigger than the pain I fell over someone’s behavior toward me. What if when I apply that love to my pain, something happens (a quantum physics type of phenomenon) that changes the spiritual trajectory for both of us?
    If both our salvation is bigger than the pain im going through, then one person’s ability to forgive has the power and potential to change more than one heart (mine), forgiveness then will possess the power to cause a chain reaction.
    So, what if we forgave with such INTENSITY & COMPASSION that the “Forgivee” was spiritually, personally and privately compelled to repent and take a seat in the Kingdom, at the table. There are some very difficult people (in my life) to love. I have to go to a supernatural place to obtain the right ingredients to see past the person and see the value GOD has placed on their soul, instead. Then forgiveness is easier (for me). The victims brother tapped into that supernatural place. He summoned the strength to forgive like HIS LIFE depended upon it. What he did was like watching a Master Class in the Miracle of Forgiveness. I pray that we each see the end of our faith on that!
    YES. A very thought provoking article. 💜

    1. The wonderful thing about forgiveness is that it affects the one who forgives more than the forgiven. The one who forgives stems bitterness in the heart, thereby removing the chance of hatred to grow to its fullness. Of course, as you have mentioned, the forgiveness that takes place will affect coming generations, as then bitterness and hatred will not step between families, and in so doing, will promoted peace. This peace, brought on by forgiveness, will turn to love, since what could have been differences that pulled apart those families are differences that now bring them together.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Blessings!

  4. I spoke at a Ladies meeting last week and this was my theme, from II Cor. 5:14-15. It is the love of Christ for us that motivates us to forgive, our human love is too frail, it loves ourselves. For me this is a foundational truth for our walk with the Lord through all the pain, hurt, struggles that come to us on our journey. I don’t know if you seen the news about the lady cop in Texas that shot a man in an apartment she thought was hers. The judge gave her 10 years and the brother of the man killed ask to speak and told her he forgave her and that he really did not want her to go to prison and then ask to give her a hug. This man was a Christian, a forgiving man who understood this truth. It prompted me to speak on this kind of love. I understand frail love because I tried to love my abusive father and it did not work. Only after I got saved and begin to study scriptures such as these did that super natural divine love motivate me to forgive him. This is a great post, love it. We all need to learn to walk in His love for us, not our love for him or mankind. It’s a process that takes place every time we are faced with having to forgive instead of grow angry and bitter. I say again brother, great post.

    1. Your thoughts are my thoughts. I had dealt with a bitter heart by asking God to forgive me. I only understood God when I began to forgive as well, and that was when I believed God forgave me. He is the Almighty Father, the Great Creator, and why would He teach me this way, by showing me through example that I needed help? I needed to untie the anger from my heart, but it did not happen until I accepted Jesus, wholly, fully and with my entire being. So yes, forgiveness brings us close to God, but it also changes us to be more like God. Blessings!

  5. Thank you Jack,

    Forgiveness is one of those “pearls of GREAT: price that Jesus spoke about.

    Unless we can for forgive as Jesus Forgives, we cannot truly be a “Follower of Jesus.”
    Forgiving is the food our Souls crave.

    Continued Blessings my friend,

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