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My New Book

Over the summer, while many had taken to vacationing in exotic locales, spending time with family and friends, I had the opportunity to donate a large portion of my time to the worship band at our local church. In between the practices and the lugging of guitar equipment back and forth, I set aside some time to write my new book Pleasures Forevermore: 36 Daily Devotions for Enjoying God.

Here is the description:

In every miracle God is there showing His love for those who believe. His powerful presence is in all things He created, for by His spirit He holds all things together for good. Whatever may become of us when we perish will not hold fast, for as true as the sun rises, so will we one day rise to stand before the throne of God and marvel at His heavenly countenance.

Each moment we breathe is a moment closer to being with God. His plan is for us to be like Him: gracious, kind, considerate, gentle, patient, loving and joyful; His spirit in our hearts is all it takes for Him to live through us.

Pleasures Forevermore looks at how Christians can grow in God’s nature and find ultimate joy by seeking Him continually. By asking God for His spirit, our prayers will be as sweet incense that fills the heavens with heartfelt praise, and by it that we may reap gladness with every word we pray, for God is good and His goodness makes our soul glad.

Available here: eBook, Paperback

All royalties go toward supporting Looking to God Ministries.


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

39 thoughts on “My New Book

  1. Congrats Brother Flacco. I shall pick up a copy soon. Thank you for being a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed you are to be able to churn out a book during a summer season, and on top of that one filled with other work. God bless.

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