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God’s Love Is Greater

If we were to take note of all the ways we have loved and of all the times we have loved, our love would be as a drop in the ocean, for God’s love is greater. He loved us first, He loves us unconditionally, and there is no bound to His love. God is love.

“Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.” (1 John 4:8-9)

How powerful a message it is to know that God would give up His divinity so that He could walk among us, experience things like us and die like us. His love for us is so vast that He would choose to die for us in order that we might live.

Every moment we have of breath is a moment closer to being with God. His plan is for us to be like Him: gracious, kind, considerate, gentle, patient, joyful and loving; His spirit in our heart is all it takes for Him to live through us.

If we feel defeated, God’s love is greater. If we tell ourselves no one cares, God’s love is greater. If our spirit has taken to surrender to forces unknown, God’s love is greater. With God’s love, we will defeat. With God’s love, we will care. With God’s love, we will have the spirit to overcome. That is because God’s love is greater.


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

19 thoughts on “God’s Love Is Greater

  1. Everything you’ve written has been very theoretical for me for a long, long time. But lately, I’ve realized that I don’t know how it LOOKS, so I’ve been asking God to show me how it LOOKS. Apparently, the most effective way is for him to show me how it DOESN’T LOOK. The process isn’t much fun, but I’m learning to hold on and wait. It seems part of the lesson is getting a baseline for my faith first. 😏

    1. When we can see a difference between good and evil, and want good to be part of our every moment, and we repent for the evil we’ve committed, we truly want God in our lives. Faith is the beginning of that want after God has imparted His spirit in us. How wonderful God is to think of us this way!

  2. As I feel God trying to show me the perfection and purity of his love for me – just little ol’ me – he seems to be allowing some of the people in my life (in particular, my husband) to disappoint me more than usual. This weekend, he really let me down when he not only didn’t mention something I’d put a lot of effort into, but when I mentioned it he just passed it off by saying, “Yeah, I saw that.” No appreciation at all! And the whole time I was feeling, hurt, and unappreciated, I head the Holy ‘spirit repeatedly telling me, “Don’t look at him for your value. He loves you, but don’t look to him to give you value. Come to me. I see you. I know you. And I love you. Your value comes from being mine.” A couple of hours later, I posted something on Facebook that was clever but ridiculously silly and noted that there was a dress I really liked and what my size was. About 90 minutes later, I saw that a friend decided to call my bluff and told me the dress would be at my house in 10 days! THAT was God! Where my husband had failed to notice me (because, honestly, he’d been overworked for a few weeks), GOD noticed me and showed me his love in an incredibly intimate way. And our relationship just got a little stronger!

  3. Thanks, so true my friend.

    Bot God in order to be GOD must also be fair and just

    The bible clearly teaches that each person will be judged and held accountable for our life choices
    Gos is love, is Mercy too but also fair

    Blessings my friend Jack

    1. God will be fair with all. He has given a chance to all, so no one is without excuse for rejecting the truth, for He made it evident in nature what His divinity looks like! Blessing also to you, Patrick!

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