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Every year I look to winter as my time to prop my feet up, grab a snack, and ease into a cozy atmosphere of hibernation. Even though January has yet to end, I haven’t taken any of my Christmas lights down. Call me a die-hard Christmanite. Thinking about it, I really don’t suppose the lights come down at all until sometime in April when the first bird appears and declares the arrival of our Canadian spring.

Canadian Winter
Canadian Winter

So, this time of year is my time. Why?

Some people find winter to be a miserable season. I’m in the other group. I don’t suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), nor do I hate the massive storms we receive at the hands of nature unleashing its wrath on humanity for abusing the environment. I love my 5:30 walk in the morning when the air is tight, the ice cracks under my boots, and the wind howls between the still moments.

Ah, winter! There isn’t anything like it.

I live for coming in from the cold to find a hot cup of apple cider waiting to warm me up. I love sitting by the bay window during a snowy evening to observe everything turn white. I get a thrill from watching the twinkling lights of the winter village we have sitting on the ledge of the bay window. I love driving through a whiteout, appreciating the inside of my warm car while another track of Star Wars: The Force Awakens plays in the background.

I can keep going, listing every single reason why I love winter—but what would that serve? Actually, maybe I should do that. Let’s see how far I get.

My parents' backyard
My parents’ backyard

Have you ever caught snowflakes on your tongue? Sounds silly, I know. I’ve done it. Have you ever slid down a hill at full speed in a toboggan with the fear of God stuck in your throat wondering if you’ll survive once you reach the end where a clump a trees awaits your arrival? Done it. Have you ever thrown a pot of boiling water into the air outside at subzero temperatures and watch it instantly turn into vapor? Done it. Have you ever dropped in the snow and made the greatest snow angel in your life? Yup, done it, too.

Gosh, then there are the times when I sit at the kitchen table with my parents and steal a glance out the window to enjoy the dark blue look to the evening. And then there is the time when I build a fire, and the smell of burning wood spills into every room of the house, providing another layer of coziness to an otherwise frosty night.

Yet, of everything I’ve described, I think my favorite part of winter is spending time with the family and feeling warm inside. Inside my home, and inside my soul.

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Do you like winter? If so, what do you like about it?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

25 thoughts on “Winter

  1. I’m completely with you. I love Winter, although in the UK we don’t get them quite as excitingly as you do. Still much prefer the cold, crisp mornings than any sort of humid, clammy evening.

  2. As someone living in Finland, I totally see where you’re coming from. Unfortunately winter in the southern part of the country, where I live, have tended to be rather mild in recent years (Global warming kicking in), and that’s why I’m really happy we had a streak of good -20 C weather with a good foot of snow here during the last weeks. Even when your risk freezing your nose off, there’s something special about pulling on your long underwear and wool cap and feel your breath turning to ice in your beard. 🙂

    1. I can totally sympathize, although your mild winters are our cold winters at -20 C. We had two winters in a row that the temperature hadn’t risen above -25 C. Crazy, really! This winter has been mild at -10 C. I’m so enjoy it this year!

  3. You would be one of those people I really really appreciate. As someone who needs a little help getting through the winter (especially after spending six winters in Taiwan), I really like people who leave their Christmas lights up. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Then you’d like our house at night, Deborah. It can be -20 C outside, yet at Casa Flacco it’s lit up like it was Christmas all over again. I sure do love the lights!

  4. Fall is my favorite time of year, but winter’s plus points are many.
    I work in an Arena, I’m a Zamboni driver, which is pretty cool.
    Though for me, the biggest plus is standing outside on a balmy -10C night, snow falling heavily and just listening to the silence. So quiet at that point.
    The red cheeks of all the kids playing on the rough outdoor ice rink while a perfectly good, smooth sheet of ice goes unused inside.
    Gliding over a 3 foot carpet of powder on my X-country skis, trying not to fall over … ever try getting upright again when you fall into 3 feet of powder? Not easy.
    Come on everyone …. SNOWBALL FIGHT !!!!!!!

    1. I’ve always wondered what’d be like to drive a Zamboni. I’m also loving the sight of the red-cheeked kids playing outside in 3-foot drifts of fluffy snow. I can’t forget doing it myself when I was that age. Such fun!

      1. I was always in awe of the Zamboni driver as a kid. And some kids still are today with their faces pressed up against the glass as I drive by. Not to tarnish the desire, but once you drive in circles about 20 times, it gets to be the longest 8 minutes of your life. heh.

  5. The biggest response I have to winter are the lingering memories of FA Cup matches, where the underdog non-league teams took on the big boys, played out on quagmire football pitches in sub-arctic gales, the stench of Wintergreen and John Motson frozen into his sheepsking coa. Won’t mean a thing to anyone outside the UK, but your British readers (over the age of thirty-five) will know what I’m talking about.

    1. I’m really gaining a deep appreciation to the football English League. I grew up in Italy where Juventus reigned. Naturally, you know where my loyalty lies! Nonetheless, I can never forego a good football match in the middle of winter. Sometimes, my father and I will spend a Sunday watching a couple of games on the RAI. They’re such great games when it’s snowing!

    1. Given I have a snow blower/snow thrower, I love when we get a massive downfall. My machine can cut through anything. The caveat to the whole thing, however, is I still have to get out there like everyone else, bundled up and clear the driveway. I still enjoy it, though!

      1. We do have a snow blower, but there are some areas it can’t get to. Mostly between the cars on the driveway and the walkway with stairs. Still it handles the sidewalk fine . . . except for under the hedges. Yeah, I don’t get along with the clogging thing at times. 😀

      2. I think you’ve pointed out the fun part of owning snow blower–that’s clearing the sidewalk. It has to be the most fun I have while clearing the snow. It’s simple and it’s quick.

  6. I enjoy winter, especially in snowy places. Unfortunately, Kansas isn’t snowy. It’s mostly just cold and brown. I’m grateful anyway. Someday I’ll live somewhere where it’s either beautiful year round, or the winters are snowy and full of opportunities to snowshoe and snowboard–and sit by a fire.

    Glad you’re enjoying your winter!

    1. You guys need to move further north! However, I do love when there’s a coating of snow on the ground and a little ice. It makes for a wonderful time away from the sun, and bright summer days!

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