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Kevin McCallister

One man, alone, abandoned by the country he loves. Oh, wait, we’re talking about that Home Alone character who sets traps throughout his house to keep the thieves at bay.

Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister
Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister

Yeah, okay, I’ll go with the “One man, alone…” quote.

Or how about if I make up my own? One warrior stands alone, grappling with destiny, vowing to defend the land he loves.

Maybe not.

Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is the troublemaker. The set-apart. The brat. The night before leaving on vacation, he becomes a sore spot for the rest of his family. In a moment of anger, he says to his mother that he wishes he could wake up and find everyone gone.

The next morning, Kevin’s words turn into reality. He awakens to an empty house and with nothing to do other than to call for a major party.

Kevin McCallister
Kevin McCallister

Cue the required jumping on bed, eating anything and everything he can get his hands on, splashing aftershave on his face for the first time, using the stairs as a toboggan route, playing with firecrackers, and watching all the stuff on TV his parents would take a conniption if they found out.

As fun as it seems, and as happy, as Kevin is to know that he doesn’t have his parents or his obnoxious brother to deal with, he has another problem on his hands. Thieves, who have been casing the neighborhood, have marked his home for a score. In spite of the lights going on like clockwork every night, The Wet Bandits (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) have left Kevin’s house last on their list of homes to burglarize.

Yet, Kevin isn’t dumb. He knows a threat when he sees it. The Wet Bandits are a threat. His first round meeting his foes, he uses his intellect and some good ol’ fashioned fun to distract the pair from entering his home. His technique is a simple one: use mannequins to scare off the intruders.

Of course it worked. Who would stick around with a house filled with guests dancing to the groove of 50’s Christmas music?

It doesn’t end there. After a failed attempt at casing the joint once more, the crooks promise they will be back. And Kevin vows he will be ready.

Well, that’s a short summary about Kevin McCallister, the little boy who defends his house from intruders during Christmas time.

The other part of the story, which is more personal, is that the movie is also one of the first films my wife and I went to see before getting married. Every year now, my family and I sit down to watch this treat of an extravaganza as a wonderful tradition and reminder of our courtship.

All right, back to Kevin. He’s smart, funny, and quick on the draw. He’s your regular kid, but with a bit of an attitude. If I were to ever want someone to defend my home against intruders, I’d certainly get Kevin to do it for me.

Having said that, I want to watch Home Alone once more.

Get the Ranger Martin trilogy now!

Have you seen Home Alone? What do you like most about Kevin?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

10 thoughts on “Kevin McCallister

  1. My son had black hair but very pale skin just like Kevin McCallister and at that age, his hair always stuck up with crazy bedhead just like Kevin’s did, so they looked very similar. And attitude wise, they were strikingly similar as well — I never could decide if that was a good or a bad thing. LOL I loved the first and second movie…still do.

  2. This is the sweetest movie, and so funny. It really does encompass every kids dream to a degree. Finally getting to run around and do whatever you want whenever you want. And then the reality sets in, because someone has to buy food, and someone has to do laundry. But he kicks butt, and I just hate that no one ever knows it’s thanks to him that the bandits were caught.

  3. Awww, such a sweet note in your post of what this movie means to you personally 😀 As for the movie itself, I nearly wet myself laughing at all the defenses that lone little guy put up to thwart the burglars. I also felt pretty bad for Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern having to do the physical stunts as they are outwitted by a little boy. 😀 LOL

    1. I still wince when Joe Pesci’s head is set on fire. Part of Kevin’s luck, however, was how hilariously stupid those two were.

  4. Home Alone gets better every time you watch it. I have loved it ever since I was a kid, it’s just SO watchable, SO quotable. Movie magic!

  5. Love the backstory, Jack. I can’t even remember the circumstances surrounding when I first saw Home Alone (part 1). However, in true geek fashion, two of the movies my husband and I saw while courting: one of the Addams family movies and Stargate (yup, I’m aging/dating myself here, but what the heck)! HA is a cute movie I’ve shown the kids (rare with movies these days; I’m no prude, but we don’t like having them on a steady diet of violence).

    1. I thought I’d add the backstory to bring some life to the post since it’s such a staple entertainment piece for our family during this time of year.

      And, yeah, The Addams Family is so Christmasy. I remember when it first came out. I loved that year!

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