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John Connor

The boy doesn’t have a clue who is after him. At first, he thinks a cop has gotten wind of his little ATM scam he is pulling on the side as a way to score big bucks for a video game binge at the local arcade. But when he realizes the cop isn’t there to issue him a ticket, John Connor (Edward Furlong) runs for his life.

Edward Furlong as John Connor
Edward Furlong as John Connor

Wednesday Warriors is proud to feature John Connor, the leader of the Resistance as today’s kick-ass character.

Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is after his mother, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). When the Terminator fails its mission, Sarah takes every measure to protect John from any other future attempts on his life. She hides weapon stashes throughout New Mexico. She teaches John how to use a gun. She trains him to be aware of his surroundings, never to take a chance with anything he does, and always being sure to check everything twice—even if it is obvious. Nothing will prevent him from growing up. And nothing will prevent him from leading.

When Sarah Connor ends up in the mental ward of Pescadero State Hospital, John roams free, biting his thumb at his foster parents and living as a rebel.

Terminator 2's John Connor
Terminator 2’s John Connor

From birth, John’s life never made much sense. He travelled from home to home, hideout to hideout, living off the grid, under assumed names. But that afternoon confirmed everything his mother had taught him. He always had to be ready.

The T-800 Terminator, a metal endoskeleton coated in flesh, is the perfect killing machine. Sent from the future to complete a mission in the present, it is able to blend into its surroundings, find its target and terminate it. It does not feel anything, It does not think beyond the parameters of its mission. And it does not take kindly to anything or anyone getting in its way.

The newest T-1000 Terminator (Robert Patrick), a machine made of mimetic poly-alloy (liquid metal), is also in on the hunt. The target? John Connor. In a bid to capture the future rebel of the machines’ world domination, this Terminator does not spare any expense to kill in order to extract information, deceive John into revealing his location and come after him with all its got.

John, however, has a plan. Even at a young age, he looks at ending the machines’ attempt to conquer the earth by destroying the very company that manufactures the neural net processor occupying the Terminator brain. Cyberdyne Systems becomes his target.

Yet, before then, he launches a brazen attack on the asylum his mother Sarah resides. He gets her out and realizes the power he now holds, as the only one who can save humanity, is his ultimate strength.

No longer will he not believe his mother for warning him about the Terminators. No longer will he sit back and allow others to dictate his life.

John Connor will defeat the Terminators—even if it takes him the rest of his life.


Have you seen any of the Terminator movies? What do you think of John Connor?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

12 thoughts on “John Connor

  1. T2 is in my top 5 list. I really love Sarah Connor most though. Linda Hamilton is up there with Sigourney Weaver for me when it comes to female badasses. I saw 1-2 episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles and will never watch another second of them. Ruined the character in my opinion. I liked John a lot in T2. I saw the one after it, which was ok but didn’t watch anything after, after hearing about the direction they took from friends.

    1. One of the reasons I watched the Sarah Chronicles was the girl who played the female Terminator, the actress from ” Firefly ” who played River Tam. Guilty !

      1. I hated what they did with the character. She had zero backbone. I couldn’t watch them do that to her – especially after the 1st two movies.

        I actually have yet to see Firefly. I have the series, but I don’t make enough time to catch up on things. Its been on my list for years now.

      2. It’s been many years since The Sarah Chronicles. I just remember Cameron. River Tam was emotionally disturbed in ” Firefly “, bu her martial arts skills were fantastic. It was like a bunch of cowboys with starships.The new programs like ” KillJoys ” & Dark Matter ” are mere copies of ” Firefly “.

  2. I’m sure there’s a thought experiment that contradicts what the machines were trying to do (ie going back in time to stop something). But I can’t think of one. However, after watching Predestination, a time travel film in which is a woman turns out to be her own mother and father, anything is possible.

    If they had gone back far enough in time they could have knobbled Connor’s great grandfather, who I’m sure would not have been expecting a visit from the future and been less prepared for it.

  3. I haven’t seen ” Genisys ” ( Although I understand that Matt Smith is in it. Couldn’t he have brought a sonic screwdriver to John Connor ? 🙂 ). But seen the others.
    Seeing that John was a young crook was interesting, but understandable, considering the events of his life.

  4. I’m a semi-rabid fan of the Terminator series, but have not yet seen Genisys. Of the three movies I’ve seen (and the doomed Sarah Connor Chronicles on telly, which I also watched some of, but could not get into), the second is my favorite. The evolution of Sarah’s character into an undeniable “bad-ass,” paralleling and counterpointing the Terminator’s (Schwarzenegger) evolution into a ‘kinder’ machine (a sort of ‘humanizing’ of the character, especially seen in interactions with the boy, John), are really compelling and well done, to my mind. I also love the T-1000; he’s a terrifying, dogged villain and pursuer and concept. I can hear the music now whenever he morphs or attacks, those (forgive me, don’t know music terms) ominous minor notes, I think on cello strings. Thinking of the way the actor portrayed the T-1000 looking at humans, cavalierly, emotionless, as if he’s just speared a butterfly or even an “ugly” bug on a board . . . Gives me chills! There’s just some great, spare writing and characterization in a still exciting blockbuster-type action movie, especially in T2.

    1. Favorite part in T2 is when Sarah escapes from her room and beats the living daylights out of the male nurse who had tortured her during her stay at the asylum. Such a classic moment.

      1. Yeah, I agree, that revenge part is pretty satisfying. I guess she could have also licked his face, although he might have liked that. What a creep (too mild a word, if what is suggested of him is true).

  5. I couldn’t watch this movie to the end. When I saw this “child” was in danger of losing his life to that molten metal monster……I could not watch it any further. Children in danger is not what I would consider pleasurable viewing. So…thank you for this post on John Conner. Now I know that he survived the battle and was reunited with his mother. I know…I’m just weird :/

  6. Loved the first two Terminator movies, and the whole concept of how John Connor’s life was predetermined to lead humanity against the rise up of the machines was a real mind-melter…especially since his best friend from the future travelled back in time and became his biodad! I am sorry to read in the comment above ^^ that it seems our man J.C. seems to have met his demise somewhere in the Terminator franchise, but as Charles so eloquently put it, perhaps that is for the best. Great post, Jack.

  7. This is a character that I pity thanks to the last two Terminator movies. Didn’t see the latest, but the commercial revealed the big John Connor twist. May he rest in peace and never be trotted out again.

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