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John Connor

The boy doesn’t have a clue who is after him. At first, he thinks a cop has gotten wind of his little ATM scam he is pulling on the side as a way to score big bucks for a video game binge at the local arcade. But when he realizes the cop isn’t there to issue him a ticket, John Connor (Edward Furlong) runs for his life.

Edward Furlong as John Connor
Edward Furlong as John Connor

Wednesday Warriors is proud to feature John Connor, the leader of the Resistance as today’s kick-ass character.

Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is after his mother, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). When the Terminator fails its mission, Sarah takes every measure to protect John from any other future attempts on his life. She hides weapon stashes throughout New Mexico. She teaches John how to use a gun. She trains him to be aware of his surroundings, never to take a chance with anything he does, and always being sure to check everything twice—even if it is obvious. Nothing will prevent him from growing up. And nothing will prevent him from leading.

When Sarah Connor ends up in the mental ward of Pescadero State Hospital, John roams free, biting his thumb at his foster parents and living as a rebel.

Terminator 2's John Connor
Terminator 2’s John Connor

From birth, John’s life never made much sense. He travelled from home to home, hideout to hideout, living off the grid, under assumed names. But that afternoon confirmed everything his mother had taught him. He always had to be ready.

The T-800 Terminator, a metal endoskeleton coated in flesh, is the perfect killing machine. Sent from the future to complete a mission in the present, it is able to blend into its surroundings, find its target and terminate it. It does not feel anything, It does not think beyond the parameters of its mission. And it does not take kindly to anything or anyone getting in its way.

The newest T-1000 Terminator (Robert Patrick), a machine made of mimetic poly-alloy (liquid metal), is also in on the hunt. The target? John Connor. In a bid to capture the future rebel of the machines’ world domination, this Terminator does not spare any expense to kill in order to extract information, deceive John into revealing his location and come after him with all its got.

John, however, has a plan. Even at a young age, he looks at ending the machines’ attempt to conquer the earth by destroying the very company that manufactures the neural net processor occupying the Terminator brain. Cyberdyne Systems becomes his target.

Yet, before then, he launches a brazen attack on the asylum his mother Sarah resides. He gets her out and realizes the power he now holds, as the only one who can save humanity, is his ultimate strength.

No longer will he not believe his mother for warning him about the Terminators. No longer will he sit back and allow others to dictate his life.

John Connor will defeat the Terminators—even if it takes him the rest of his life.


Have you seen any of the Terminator movies? What do you think of John Connor?

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Sarah Connor

She’s only a waitress. Who knew she would give birth to a son who would become the leader of the resistance? In this edition of Women Who Wow Wednesday, tough-as-nails Sarah Connor of the Terminator series takes center stage.

Sarah Connor
Sarah Connor

Linda Hamilton was 27 years old when she played Sarah Connor in the film The Terminator. Originally written for a 19-year-old, director James Cameron (Aliens, The Abyss, Avatar), having been impressed with Hamilton’s audition, tweaked the screenplay to allow the part to fit the actress. It was a decision that would pay off big time in the future of The Terminator franchise.

A vast chasm exists between the character Sarah Connor in the movie The Terminator and Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

In The Terminator, released 1984, Kyle Reese, played by Michael Biehn, travels from a post-apocalyptic future to rescue the mother of the leader of the resistance against the machines. Kyle finds himself in a disco, the same place where a machine, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, steadies its laser-sighted gun on the target—Sarah Connor. In a bevy of bullets, Kyle stretches his hand to Sarah and says, “Come with me if you want to live.” From that point forward, the movie is one grand chase sequence that never lets up.

The film depicts Sarah as a vulnerable woman, weak, almost to the point of sadness. She relies on Kyle for her escape. She needs him and can’t run without him. Her countenance is that of a flower whose pedals are ready to blow away.

"The luxury of hope was given to me by the Terminator."
“The luxury of hope was given to me by the Terminator.”

In Terminator 2: Judgement Day, however, the fragile Sarah Connor of The Terminator is replaced by a strong and powerful, tough-willed juggernaut of a woman. No longer does she need anyone. From the very first frame of the film, the audience discovers Sarah is one not to be messed with. She’s buff, agile and a determined fighter with intense convictions. Her mission: Destroy the machines.

Years on the run made Sarah this way. She taught her son John everything she knows. Always be prepared for the machines. Always look before doing anything. Never assume anything. Be strong. Be a leader. The future is counting on you, John. Never give up. Never, ever give up, John.

Imprisoned in Pescadero State Hospital may have proven to be the perfect breeding ground for honing Sarah’s skills as a future resistance fighter. Strapped in a bed, she had ample time to think of how to best defeat the coming storm—the invasion—when machines finally become self-aware, sentient. That hatred for the machines is what makes Sarah protect John at all costs. Humanity depends on him.

But then, something happens. Another machine, a terminator, is sent from the future to protect John. The very machine trained to maim and kill humans was there to protect John with its life.

John and the T-800
John and the T-800

For a moment, Sarah didn’t trust it. Only for a moment. She then realized John needed a father figure in his life. The T-800 could provide that.

Huh, a terminator as a father. Who would have thought?

Sarah the parent let go. John had come to his own. His own mindset. His own man. His own life.

She did well.

Sarah Connor. Fighter. Mother. Friend.

What do you think of Sarah Connor? Have you seen any of the original Terminator movies?