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What Is Our Fate?

Not much of a difference exists between zombies and aliens. Zombies want to take over the world by either consuming or assimilating humans into their fold. The typical alien, not the friendly, cuddly type, wants to utilize humans as a resource or change them to become more like them.

Pristine mountains somewhere in the world.
Pristine mountains somewhere in the world.

Today’s Monday Mayhem question is this: What if we’re all products of an alien experiment gone wrong? What’s to say our future is our own?

Let’s have a look at this world we call Earth and decide for ourselves if this truly is Paradise, or a template for a world beyond ours set in motion in the heavens to populate other planets.

Our Water—How’s our water situation? Over seventy-one percent of Earth is covered by water. Over ninety-six percent of it rests in the world’s oceans. Much of it is salt water. Heavy desalinization can convert seawater into drinking water, but at what cost? Given water makes up more than sixty percent of the human body, water is the single most important resource on this earth. Great empires have conquered the world by controlling the use of water. Our food, hygiene and stability as a nation are dependent on water. Simply put, without water—we will all die.

Yet, humans have gone on a binge to pollute the oceans, sanitize the drinking water with chemicals and bottle that which is free. Is it a surprise humans haven’t all grown a third arm by now? Putting it another way, without water we’ll all become zombies, seeking the wet stuff any way we can.

Somewhere else in the world.
Somewhere else in the world.

Our Air—Making a mess of our water supply is one thing, but breathing clean air is a miracle. Even the air in Antarctica is seeing a chemical shift that is currently precipitating a breakdown in the precious ozone layer that keeps humans from charring to a cinder. Big industry spews tons of toxins into the sky, destroying migrating bird patterns, and leaving some humans gasping for oxygen.

More can happen by way of regulation, but how far will that go? Some nations could set the controls in place while other nations would scoff at them.

Our Soil—At its current state, Earth is one big garbage dump. The day after every Christmas, city streets become a shrine to non-recyclable wrap and packaging. Every ballgame produces enough trash to fill truckloads of waste that will have no home other than Earth’s ocean floor. Landfills have become as common as gulf courses. How soon will it be before a major environmental catastrophe hits humanity? Will it change those who have decided the earth is a temporary abode resting between celestial bodies only to fulfill humanity’s inclination to self-destruct?

The zombie need to replenish outweighs the needs of the few. Without water, air and soil, is it a wonder a zombie apocalypse will be inevitable?

More to the point, with all that humanity has done to improve that which it has under its domain, why aren’t aliens knocking on our door to adopt us as a future generation for planets of which they have ownership?


What do you think about aliens, zombies and the fate of our stars?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

29 thoughts on “What Is Our Fate?

  1. The way you sum up the water situation is scary. “We bottle what is free.” I don’t think a sentence has been more chillingly accurate than that one.

  2. If there was a solution to the problem of despoiling the earth it would have been acted upon by now. Humans don’t want to care for the planet (with a few exceptions). Some will blame governments or big industry, but we’re all guilty. As you say, after every Christmas, every special event, our crap is carted away by the megaton. No one holds a gun to our heads forcing us to do any of this. We are willing accomplices in the murder of a planet.

    1. Why hasn’t anyone thought of using SUPPOSEDLY difficult – to – recycle materials ( styrofoam comes to mind ) & using it as building material ? I heard once – in passing – that an item made of styrofoam would be around after our mortal coils are dust….. Packing peanuts get recast into bricks !

      1. Hmmm. density would be a big factor. honestly never considered that part before.
        Reinforced with bamboo instead of re – bar ?

      2. Maybe. I’m still stuck on thinking about having bamboo in the mix. It’s such a versatile durable building material.

  3. Jack: I’ve had your browser for many, many years in my files (version 2.57). Today, my explorer was not working and I decided to open yours instead. What I found on your first page is fascinating. Your philosophy is extraordinary and requires a certain amount of contemplation to fully digest the meaning. I truly enjoyed it and plan to visit more often. Thank you.

  4. The way that the human race is treating the earth currently it almost seems inevitable that our future will be a dystopian one.

    1. Choose your dystopia – ” Logan’s Run “, ” Farenheit 451 “, ” Soylent Green ” – Quite a long list.

  5. I’ve wondered about the aliens thing and I think the answer is simple. Look at our movies, TV shows, and history. We’re violent and probably scary to outsiders. Also most aliens in our media are portrayed as evil monsters, so we might be seen as bigoted too. As far as being an alien experiment, what if we’re something that got left in the back of an alien’s fridge? We do seem to infect the thing we’re living on, so we’re the mold. (Not a self-esteem boosting thought.)

    1. Something that got left in the back of alien’s fridge – I don’t know if you’ve heard of the concept of panspermia, but it deals with the idea that life on Earth ( & elsewhere ) came from remnants of other worlds, embedded in layers of stone & ice hurtling through space.
      I can remember the fuss made about the Allan Hills meteorite found in Antarctica. Supposedly tossed off of the Martian surface, it contained ” fossils ” of extraterrestrial micro – organisms that perhaps became US & other carbon – based forms. I have no idea if the jury is still out on said meteor ( ALH84001, I think ), but it sure raised tons of questions.

      1. Think I heard of the meteor, but not the panspermia concept. It would be a hard one to prove. I guess one would also wonder why no other planets got the same treatment.

      2. It’s hard to prove because we still basically don’t know exactly WHAT to look for on other worlds in our solar system. We have found no ruins on Mars, Mercury, Venus, our own Moon, Europa,Titan etc. & even if there is / was life beyond the blue sky of our little world, it might be something totally different.

      3. Exactly ! I have read TONS of arguments for silicon & other crystalline, etc. – based life forms. entities that would make the Na’vi, Klingons, Andorians, Babylon 5’s Vorlons look like the people down the block.
        Energy / plasma – based beings ?

      4. Maybe they’d have similar reservations re. : us. Arthur C. Clarke had us BECOMING non – human / trans – human in the novel ” The Fountains of Paradise ” & of course, as the Starchild in ” 2001 “.

      5. I think space colonization is inevitable. What matters is we not repeat our mistakes on other worlds that we colonize, whether we remain ( Mostly organic ) human, cyborg, or evolve ( ? ) into some energy being.

      6. I’m guessing at least the first one will take a hit. Figure the first people to head out will be wealthy, which may include some of those responsible for the current problems.

      7. You’ve heard about the ” One way Mars mission “, I assume. WHAT exactly do they hope to achieve, except maybe their DNA & internal microbes POSSIBLY beginning the terraforming process on Mars after they’re dead. I’ve no idea.

      8. I just hope they don’t have a giant supply of Kool – Aid ( with vivid memories of the coverage of Jonestown, Guyana ). Or Heavens Gate on Mars.

      9. SERIOUSLY, if they are going through on a ” one way ” trip to Mars. They should send / should have sent 3 – D printers, ** seeds **, animal & plant DNA, & building materials for a small outpost. Obviously, they’re not thinking this out, nor planning ahead.

        Maybe they believe in a Martian ” Shangri – La ” in a network of caves. This still seems clueless.

      10. I need to check back into that. It sounds like a proverbial ” fool’s errand “. If they had self – replicating Von Neuman machines, or even 3 – D printers, as I said, they could shift for themselves.
        Maybe they DO have independent automated supply rockets standing by, but they haven’t mentioned it.

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