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We Are Here

Our waterways are a mess. Our infrastructure is crumbling. The idea of a society connected through a common medium has rendered us isolated. What’s more? We’re on the brink of total environmental collapse. How do I know? Let’s find out and file this Monday Mayhem post under pending doom. No fear mongering here. Just fiction. Or is it?

The Blob [Photo Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]
The Blob [Photo Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]
The other day I came upon an article in the news describing of place in the ocean where no life exists. Apparently, science has labeled the phenomenon a “blob” If you’re familiar with the 1950’s movie that goes by the same name, the condition is relatively dissimilar in concept but still scary. The blob has taken over a good chunk of ocean and is growing. No one knows where it came from, and no one knows when it will stop consuming vital marine life. Science can’t even say if it’s even evolving into anything.

Then there’s this thing that’s happening off the coast of Japan where jellyfish are depleting marine life and spawning an infestation. Fishermen can’t seem to get rid of the animals. When caught in the nets, the fishermen kill what they can and throw the remains back in the ocean. The problem? The jellyfish harbor millions of eggs that pour into the deep and continue the cycle of infestation. Science hasn’t figured out how to stop them. In the meantime, Japanese fishing has taken a hit, rendering the industry helpless to the unwanted beasts. How soon will it be before nothing in the ocean survives?

Antarctica's Melting Ice Caps
Antarctica’s Melting Ice Caps

And the hits just keep on comin’ with the melting of the ice caps. It was inevitable that one day it would happen. No one believed it could have happened so quickly, though. One of the news agencies has taken a time-lapse video of what is actually going on in the Arctic. The entire shelf is crumbling as I write this. Russia, the United States and Canada are in the midst of claiming ownership rights to the new waterways formed by the phenomenon. The entire planet could soon find itself in one of the most contentions international disputes this side of World War II. That is in addition to the coastal water levels rising around the globe.

Can it get any worse? It sure can. The population of the world is accelerating at a rapid pace. What was once a breadbasket, United States is having trouble keeping up with demand. To aid with the sudden surge in the food supply, prices have skyrocketed while packaging has shrunk. The droughts in the west haven’t helped either. Last summer’s devastating water shortage has placed a strain on everything from cooking to showering. Lawns have gone dry. Imagine what has taken place in farm country. The drought coupled with the population growth not only has left the economy in the lurch but also has purged the supply chain dry.

It will only take a miracle now to reverse what has happened with the earth. Do you believe in miracles?

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What do you think of what’s been happening to our environment? Is there something we can do to help?

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What Is Our Fate?

Not much of a difference exists between zombies and aliens. Zombies want to take over the world by either consuming or assimilating humans into their fold. The typical alien, not the friendly, cuddly type, wants to utilize humans as a resource or change them to become more like them.

Pristine mountains somewhere in the world.
Pristine mountains somewhere in the world.

Today’s Monday Mayhem question is this: What if we’re all products of an alien experiment gone wrong? What’s to say our future is our own?

Let’s have a look at this world we call Earth and decide for ourselves if this truly is Paradise, or a template for a world beyond ours set in motion in the heavens to populate other planets.

Our Water—How’s our water situation? Over seventy-one percent of Earth is covered by water. Over ninety-six percent of it rests in the world’s oceans. Much of it is salt water. Heavy desalinization can convert seawater into drinking water, but at what cost? Given water makes up more than sixty percent of the human body, water is the single most important resource on this earth. Great empires have conquered the world by controlling the use of water. Our food, hygiene and stability as a nation are dependent on water. Simply put, without water—we will all die.

Yet, humans have gone on a binge to pollute the oceans, sanitize the drinking water with chemicals and bottle that which is free. Is it a surprise humans haven’t all grown a third arm by now? Putting it another way, without water we’ll all become zombies, seeking the wet stuff any way we can.

Somewhere else in the world.
Somewhere else in the world.

Our Air—Making a mess of our water supply is one thing, but breathing clean air is a miracle. Even the air in Antarctica is seeing a chemical shift that is currently precipitating a breakdown in the precious ozone layer that keeps humans from charring to a cinder. Big industry spews tons of toxins into the sky, destroying migrating bird patterns, and leaving some humans gasping for oxygen.

More can happen by way of regulation, but how far will that go? Some nations could set the controls in place while other nations would scoff at them.

Our Soil—At its current state, Earth is one big garbage dump. The day after every Christmas, city streets become a shrine to non-recyclable wrap and packaging. Every ballgame produces enough trash to fill truckloads of waste that will have no home other than Earth’s ocean floor. Landfills have become as common as gulf courses. How soon will it be before a major environmental catastrophe hits humanity? Will it change those who have decided the earth is a temporary abode resting between celestial bodies only to fulfill humanity’s inclination to self-destruct?

The zombie need to replenish outweighs the needs of the few. Without water, air and soil, is it a wonder a zombie apocalypse will be inevitable?

More to the point, with all that humanity has done to improve that which it has under its domain, why aren’t aliens knocking on our door to adopt us as a future generation for planets of which they have ownership?


What do you think about aliens, zombies and the fate of our stars?