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Sam Witwicky

What would you do if you found out your car wasn’t what you thought it was? You’d take it to where you had bought it and either ask for your money back, or sue the car company of course. But let’s say your car is not what you thought it was because it’s not of this world? You could very well take it to its manufacturer, but that would mean you’d have to travel a few million miles to get there.

Megan Fox as Mikaela and Shia LeBeouf as Sam Witwicky
Megan Fox as Mikaela and Shia LeBeouf as Sam Witwicky

Joining my Wednesday Warriors series is Sam Witwicky, the high school motormouth who happens to come upon one of the greatest discoveries to ever hit earth.

Transformers opened to become one of the biggest box office draws of 2007. It spawned three sequels (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Age of Extinction) and secured Hasbro‘s franchise as a guaranteed money cow for Paramount Pictures.

Based on the toy by the same name, Transformers introduced the world to Shia LeBeouf as Sam, the stress-induced teen, and Megan Fox as Mikaela, his love interest. The film is an assault on the senses. From the very first frame to the last, the plot revolves around explosions, more explosions and lots of explosions. The never-ending barrage of pyrotechnics is simply an amazing thing to watch.

Add to it a good helping of fast cars, stunts and tense moments, the film pulls off a brilliant show for anyone wondering what a big budget summer flick ought to look like.

Mikaela and Sam
Mikaela and Sam

In the midst of the damage is a teenage boy stuck in an alien car that has a mind of its own. Sam’s frantic nature propels the story forward by making every scene a snapshot into impending doom. The heightened energy he expels from his rogue dealings with the Autobots makes him a prime target of the Decepticons.

To boot, the geeky savior hooks up with his dream girl, Mikaela, who takes it upon herself to instill courage in her otherwise tormented friend. While he attempts to outrun and outfox the Decepticons, she acts as his sounding board for all his crazy ideas.

As neurotic as Sam appears, there’s a side of the young teen only Mikaela and the Autobots know. He would give his life for those he believed deserved saving. Through the mayhem of artillery fire and bombs blasting, Sam devotes his loyalties to a cause that would eventually save the world at the cost of almost losing his life.

Ultimately, Sam Witwicky is a hero thrown into a cause greater than himself. In the end, he’s an ordinary kid who turns around and saves Earth.


Have you seen any of the Transformer movies? What do you like best about these sci-fi action flicks?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

10 thoughts on “Sam Witwicky

  1. My son grew up with Transformers and when we took his son to see the first Transformer movie I really enjoyed it – I liked the second one, too. Didn’t see the third one.

  2. I grew up with Transformers in the 80s. They were my favorite thing. I was one of those kids who cried when Optimus Prime died in the original movie. That said, I liked the first one of these new movies, but never felt that they were truly TF. I didn’t care for the 2nd one and didn’t see the other(s).

    Sam, in these movies, is different from what I was used to in the cartoons – and both are very different from the comics, which were a bit darker, especially when the Brits started writing.

      1. I remember that scene, where Matilda was in Leon’s apartment and switched it on. 😉 My favorite movie, and it was playing my favorite childhood series. 😉

  3. I’m with you on this- it’s partially nostalgia, but Transformers was pure summer fun that got the balance of the formula right,

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