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Do You Want to…

There’s a running joke in our family these days that has grown out of control and poses a threat to our sanity. Not really, but once you know what it is you’ll know what I mean. Ever since the release of the movie Frozen, we’ve been taking turns singing the words to Do You Want to Build a Snowman? in a new and original way. We replace the words “to build a snowman” with pretty much anything that pops into our head.

Frozen's Olaf the Snowman
Frozen’s Olaf the Snowman

Like this: Do you wanna read Freedom Friday?

It started with innocent intentions. One of us—I will not name names—me—began to sing the words to the snowman song whenever it snowed. Given I live in Canada and it snows a lot, especially last year, I was singing the opening phrase quite extensively. You can read that as meaning others in my family were telling me, “Stop singing that snowman song.”

Of course, if someone tells Jack he shouldn’t be doing something, what does Jack do? Yep, Jack keeps on doing it. [End of Jack’s third-person dialog.]

So, I did what any other normal person would do—become excruciatingly annoying.

Not only did I sing the song when it snowed, but I also sang it when it didn’t with the added incentive to change the words to suite my needs.

Like this: Do you want to cook some chicken?
Like this: Do you want to have some sushi?
Like this: Do you want a have a party?
Or like this: Do you hate me for my singing?

And on and on it went. Eventually, I’d worn the family down so much that they too fell to the Dark Side.

Now, a year later, we’re all singing it.

At the dinner table: Do you want to pass the salt, please?
In the garage: Will you ever wash the car, dear?
While shopping: Do we need some extra olives?

Naturally, because I write about zombies, I have to have my own version of the song:

Do you want to kill a zombie?
Will you shoot it in the head?
Will you throw it off a cliff and sigh
Watch it fly
Until it’s fully dead?

So really, the moral of this post is this: if you want to change people you should never have to change yourself. Be a nuisance and you just might get what you want.


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Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

18 thoughts on “Do You Want to…

  1. These little family traditions/quirks/annoying habits (delete you see fit) are all fine and well, until you accidently find yourself unthinkingly doing it in a completely inappropriate context, like when you’re out drinking with your male friends while watching a ball game (‘Do you want to get some more beers?’), or during an important meeting at work in front of your boss … and his boss (‘Do you want to see my report?”). Or if you’re a doctor and you’re about to give someone an examination (‘Do you want to take your pants down?’). The question then becomes do you try to front it out, and pretend you never did it, or do you break down and admit what’s going on? Neither will make you look good, but at least it will stop you looking completely insane!

  2. Frozen Zombies . . . sounds like something from GRRM’s mind (think White Walkers)! But seriously, it must be a funny Friday for you, Jack. You certainly gave me a laugh with your dark-humored parody! My only remaining question is: Do zombies swear off brains for Valentine’s Day and go for that delicacy behind the ribs?

    1. Makes me think of ” The Snowmen ” in the Doctor Who episode of the same name. Semi – sentient snow that’s homicidal.

  3. Do you want to find a relic ?
    Just like Indiana Jones ?

    Enter a musty, dusty crypt,
    Climb through piles of whitened bones

    Explore Egyptian tombs, like Rick & Evy as well,
    Just be careful not to revive Imhotep, by opening a golden book of spells.

      1. & I liked Rick & Evy too ! I didn’t catch the Mummy movie set in China with Jet Li, at least not in its entirety.

      2. It’s really not the same without Rachel Weisz ( Spelling ? ). I love all the old – school monster movies, including the mummy movies.

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