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In the next several weeks, you’ll notice a change here at The change is an effort to capture my feelings about what I’ve been watching. For me, the thrill of starting something new has taken a life of its own. It will serve as the springboard for a new series. I’ll talk more about this later on.

It's that time.
It’s that time.

For now, today’s Freedom Friday is about change.

In the Oliver Stone movie Wall Street, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) says, “Greed is good.” It’s an affirmation that I’m sure everyone has heard before.

I say change is good. Change allows for growth. Change keeps everyone thinking of better ways to get things done. Progress can only come from change.

Water needs to flow. It’s alive and vibrant when it moves from a stream to a river. It crests, splashes, and sprays as it enjoys the freedom of its movement. But when water remains standing—stagnant—an unpleasant smell occurs. Bacteria forms and makes the water undrinkable.

Similarly, in life, if there is no change, things become stagnant.

Greg photographs his food. (Photo credit: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic)
Greg photographs his food. (Photo credit: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic)

I try to balance the content of my articles as a means of maintaining an invigorating reading experience. When folks visit, I want them to say, “Hey, I never heard it put quite like that before!” That is the driving force to how I’d like my readership to react to the ideas I present on this site. It’s a tough balance, and that’s why you sometimes see photography and food articles for my Freedom Friday series. Changing it up makes for an enjoyable time—and who doesn’t like a good time?

Which brings me to my new blog feature—Wednesday Warriors. Since the protagonist to my Ranger Martin book series is a truck driver thrown in a fight he never wanted in the first place, and since I’ve been gorging on high-octane, white-knuckle action films, I figure I might as well make a feature of it.

Beginning December 17th, the first article for Wednesday Warriors will debut. It will feature fictional males in films and television who are either larger-than-life heroes or interesting anti-heroes with an agenda. Women Who Wow Wednesday may resurface, but for now, I’m looking forward to this new series and seeing where it will take us.

This is an exciting time here at, which I’m also hoping my readership will find just as exciting!


How do you feel about change? Is it something you readily accept?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

15 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Hey new view point! It’s always great to tackle something new. Keeps things fresh and I wish you joy on exploring this line.
    Looking forward to these topics! 🙂

  2. Logically, i know that ultimately, change is a positive force that heralds growth and progress as you’ve said. I, however, am a creature of habit and do struggle to adapt to change at times, but I do adapt eventually every time. They say that change is the only consistency in life and I know that to be true because no matter how much effort one puts into a plan, things never quite go the way we planned for!

    1. Ditto on the creature of habit, I’m the biggest one here. We’ll see where this series leads and maybe I’ll revisit the idea once again to weigh if it was a good idea after all!

  3. A change is as good as a rest and the best part about change is the boost you get from planning and researching and experimenting before the changes ‘go live.’

    Reading your post reminded me of my days studying psychology and learning about Pavlov’s dog. Regular predictable rewards soon made the dog unresponsive, but an irregular pattern of rewards had the dog addicted (a pattern of rewards still programmed into slot and gambling machines). So change is effective, but not so good for gamblers!

    Looking forward to the new Warriors season. I’m almost tempted to buy the rights to your Women Who Wow Wednesday and keep it going somewhere else. 😉

  4. For me, adaptability depends on the type of change. If it’s something that is the ruination of a plan then I’m not that good at handling it. Conflict too can be an issue. Maybe I’m not that great at upheavals in general. Interesting idea to keep Wednesday fresh. Gives you time to gather more ‘Women Who Wow’ too if you bring the series back.

      1. We need a skilled word – smith….. ! I’m going to try to summon the spirit of S.I. Hayakawa. 🙂

  5. Change is good, yes. Change is often neccesary.
    The Wednesday Warriors postings could easily be about fictional males AND females.

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