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Classic Films Zombie Style III

Jurassic Zombieland, Star Wars: Attack of the Zombies, Zombies of the Lost Ark, Zombienator XVII, Planet of the Zombies, and Close Encounters of the Undead Kind are all movies I’d love to see in the theater. The problem is no one’s made them—yet. But wouldn’t it be nice?

Alien vs. Zombie
Alien vs. Zombie

Classic Films Zombie Style has become a fun feature for Monday Mayhem. You can read the other parts to this series here: I & II.

How does it work? Well, I pick a film everyone ought to recognize, then I add a few zombies, amp up the violence, throw in a generous splattering of gore and voilà, you have yourself a zombie classic. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Let’s see what Part Three of this series holds for us adventurous hunters of the undead.

Alien vs. Zombie—A meteor crashes into the arctic shelf triggering seismic activity in the region. A group of scientists travels to the North Pole to investigate the source of the earthquake. When the scientists arrive, they find an abandoned town and underneath it, a tunnel leading to the center of a complex maze. Inside the labyrinth, acid-blood pumping aliens sent to complete a mission, pick off the scientists one by one. But humans are not the aliens’ target. Humans are in the way. The aliens’ target appears from the sides and attacks the humans, transforming them into the enemy—zombie. Time to break out the popcorn; this is going to be a heck of a mess to clean up.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Zombies—After failing to heed warnings not to return to Hogwarts, Harry, Ron and Hermione investigate a series of attacks directed at the school administration and students. A brutal trail of body parts leads the trio to an underground chamber where they discover a horde of zombies has made it their home. The discovery propels the kids on a quest to secure the chamber and deal with the undead themselves. But in the midst of the Avada Kedavra killing curse, one of the zombies escapes and bites Harmione on the wrist. Faced with the inevitable loss of their friend to the undead, Harry and Ron have to decide the fate of Harmione. Will she become one of the crowds or will Harry have enough time to save her?

Die Hard Zombie—The Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles becomes the scene of a zombie apocalypse. The undead have taken over and floor by floor, they hunt for humans to satisfy their insatiable appetite. Trapped among the potential victims is John McClane, a New York cop with the knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His wife Holly needs his help. He has to get to the horde from the top of the tower before the horde gets to his wife. Time is running out and his only weapon is a clip away from being empty. If he doesn’t save her, he might as well ring the zombie dinner bell himself. Will he make it?


What movies would you like to see rebooted zombie style?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

61 thoughts on “Classic Films Zombie Style III

  1. Die Hard Zombie sounds fabulous, Jack! I think there should be a Le Misera-zombie (or something to that effect!) Of course, the great question there, is who do the zombies replace? The aristocracy or the proletariat? 🙂

  2. “The Zombie of Wall St.” (Wolf of Wall St.) – it displays in gory detail just who/what is behind the brutal sucking-dry death of the financial system. Zombie traders! Zombie brokers! Zombie financial analysts! Promoted by the Zombie Financial Network on cable TV.

  3. A Zombie Too Far. WWII: the airborne forces of Operation-Market Garden parachute into the Netherlands only to find it has been overrun by the undead.

  4. What a great post! I would watch Alien and Die Hard, but you just can’t do that to Harry Potter. Unacceptable!! Because I have to watch chick flicks all of the time, I would like to try out a few of those twisted up with zombies. I’m going to go with Mean Girls and Legally Blonde. Elle Woods would definitely find a way to fight off the zombies, and she would do it with style!

    1. ” Private Benjamin ” ( The one w / Goldie Hawn, IIRC ) ?. A zombie version might be interesting.

      ” G.I. Jane ” zombified ?

  5. I will watch all of these. Gladly. I think maybe we need a Star Trek: Into Zombieland where Captain Kirk is forced to match wits with an intergalactic army of the undead.
    These posts are just too fun and I’m most likely going to have zombie dreams tonight.

    Hope you are well, Jack!

  6. Oh wow! Lots of choices! It’d take a but for me to come up with a worthy movie remake… Ummm. How about “Apollo13” and how coming back from the moon they bring a virus back with them? Voilà zombie origin…

    1. ” Zombie Old Yeller “.
      ” Zombie Invisible Man ” ( As if zombies weren’t dangerous enough, you have a scary invisible one ).
      ” Zombie Animal House ” – ” Food fight ! “, brains are thrown.

      1. ” Frosty the Zombie Snowman “.
        ” The Little Zombie Drummer Boy “.
        ” White Zombie Christmas “.
        ” Rudolph’s Zombie New Year “.
        I’m trying to spice up the holidays in time for this season !

      2. Thanks !
        ” It’s A Wonderful Zombie Life ( I just trashed my step – sis’ favorite Christmas movie ) “.
        ” Zombie Miracle on 34th Street “.

      3. I’m ruining traditional Christmases one movie at a time !
        ” A Zombie Christmas Carol “. ” Marley was dead. Of that there could be no doubt. But then so was everyone else in London “.

      4. ” The Zombie Wizard of Oz “. Where else would the Tin Man get a heart & the Scarecrow get a brain ?

      5. I pitched a story idea to some fellow on the ” deviantArt ” website about having the wizard be a villain who traps people & harvests their hearts, brains, etc., but I looked at it afterwards & thought ” This is really TOO DARK “. Oy.

      6. lol…it might explain why the witch doesn’t like him much.

        *Crouching Tiger, Hidden Zombie*–about zombies who have mastered martial arts

      7. ” An American Zombie in Paris “.
        ” Zombie Gump “.
        ” A Tale of Two Zombies “.
        ” Zombie Les Miserables “.
        ” Zombie of the Opera “.
        ” The Magnificent Seven Zombies ( Or ” The Seven Magnificent Zombies “. ) “.
        ” The Mark of Zombie Zorro “.
        ” Zorba the Zombie Greek “.

        Too much ?

      8. ” Zombie Fame “.
        ” Zombie Tommy “.
        ” Zombie Horror Picture Show “.
        ” Zombie Shop of Horrors “.
        ” Zombie on the Roof ” ( Oy ! )

      9. ” Planet of the Zombie Apes “.
        ” Zombie Jaws “.
        ” Battlestar Zombilactica “

      10. and *A Zombie Walk to Remember*–a girl seems to be terminally ill but turns out to be a zombie that eats her love interest’s brain; he doesn’t remember the walk, but other people do…

  7. * Buffy the Zombie Slayer*, *Zombie Showgirls,* *The Secret Zombie Garden,* *Fear and Zombies in Las Vegas*, *The Death of a Zombie Salesman,* *To Kill a Zombie Mockingbird*…

    1. Zombie Monty Python – Although I don’t how zombies would handle things like ” The Dead Parrot / Lumberjack ” sketch. 🙂

  8. *The Zombies of Wrath* sounds pretty ominous. It could be part of a series of Steinbeck adaptations including such classics as *Of [Mice and] Zombies and Men” and *East of Zombie Eden*

  9. Ooh ! ” Big Zombie Trouble in Little China ” – Jack Burton has to fight a zombie version of Lo Pan in Chinatown’s underworld.

    ” The Little ( Zombie ) Mermaid ” – Ariel becomes ill from a strange fish that bites her, & becomes a member of the SWIMMING UNDEAD. 🙂

    ” The Zombie King and I ” – who wouldn’t like a zombie musical ?

    ” The Lone Zombie Ranger ” – Finally, the Lone Ranger has a contemporary movie version he can be PROUD of.

      1. Like I said – who could resist a zombie musical ?. ” Zombie Blazing Saddles ” !

      2. I’ve been an aspiring writer with a weird imagination since my 20’s. 🙂

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