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No one is above the code, especially the king. When Kara (Dina Meyer) almost kills the king, it’s the heart of a dragon that saves him. But, what may have saved the king’s life may have also destroyed his soul.

Bowen and Kara
Bowen and Kara

In the 1996 movie Dragonheart, a dragon slayer by the name of Bowen (Dennis Quiad) seeks revenge against the beast that had changed the heart of his beloved king, Einon (David Thewlis). For in the days when medicine ran scarce, the dragon’s heart was the only cure to save a life. For Bowen, the salvation of the king came at the price of villainy, a far greater price than anyone was willing to pay except his mother. Bowen travels the kingdom in search of the dragon that had imparted King Einon’s evil soul.

Kara seeks her own retribution against the tyrannical monarch who had done wickedness against her father. During an evening of festivities when the king made merry with his council, Kara slips into the castle with the intention of assassinating the malevolent royal. Into the dungeon she goes, with the king wanting her to be his companion for life.

Dina Meyer as Kara
Dina Meyer as Kara

Escaping, Kara makes it her mission to destroy Einon with every ounce of determination she could muster. She returns to her village inciting those around her to take up arms and fight the king. The people have a different idea, though. They cannot grasp the concept of victory without her father at the helm. Beaten and submissive to the kingdom, the village folk chase her away.

Not one for discouragement, Kara teams with Bowen the dragon slayer in order to destroy the vile wretch who dares call himself king. Having trained under the tutelage of Bowen, Kara strengthens her resolve to commit her life in the hands of faith so as she can rid the land once and for all of injustice.

Kara’s unshakable nature propels her to accomplish things she had never dreamed of on her own, and with the aid of those who have taken to her message, she yields to her compulsion for dispensing retribution.

Always displaying strength, Kara does not break down in tears when confronted with challenges, and she lives every day as if it were her last. Kara’s belief in integrity and honesty solidifies her moral standing as a true warrior. Malicious spirits may abound, yet, to Kara, she shrugs them off like water trickling from her skin. She doesn’t allow them to disturb her countenance as a force of imitable reckoning.

Kara has shown countless times what it really means to be loyal in the face of adversity. She may have unorthodox methods, but her willingness to die for justice and righteousness has given her a place in Women Who Wow Wednesday.


If you’ve seen Dragonheart, what’s your favorite part? What do you think of Kara?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

15 thoughts on “Kara

  1. I agree with Katie Sullivan, that Draco dominates. But I remember the characters just not so well. I like the thought of Kara being stronger and more indomenntable of spirit.
    Now I need to re-watch this movie, but without the commercial breaks and cut up for time, that is most likely the reason we don’t remember Kara well. Her character may be cut off from the movie as it is aired.

  2. This was and still is a favourite classic of mine. Love the story and how the story connects with each character. And ofcourse the highlight for me was the dragon. His compassion and voice played such a key part. Loved reading your post.

  3. I haven’t seen this movie in ages – and I love it so much (always makes me cry, just a little). I have to watch it again and to recall her character. Sean Connery tends to dominate whenever I watch! 🙂

    1. Even I found it heartwarming and hard not to get emotional. Sean Connery rocks anything he’s in. Loved the whole idea behind the dragon and Kara’s relationship with Bowen. Gosh, now you’re making me want to see it again, Katie!

  4. My brother loved this movie when we were kids, so it was shown a lot in our house. One thing I like is there is no romance. Instead, she generally stands on her own as a strong, rebellious lady.

  5. Dragonheart. Wow, it’s been forever. I need to see it again.

    *whispers* Are you maybe one day going to present Lagertha from VIKINGS in your WWW segment?

    1. *whispers back* Anything’s possible, Sandi! I’ll need to watch the series first, of course, before I jump into writing a profile post on her!

      * Note to self: Just googled her photo. Wow! A VIKINGS marathon will soon be in the works here at Casa Flacco! 😉

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