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Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom known as Andalasia, lived a maiden with whom the prince would share true love’s kiss. Her name was Giselle, and she dreamed of holding hands and dancing with her one true love.

Amy Adams is Giselle in Enchanted
Amy Adams is Giselle in Enchanted

How many of you think this is Sleeping Beauty? Show of hands, c’mon. How about Beauty and the Beast? Anyone for Shrek? I threw that last one in to see if you’re paying attention. Disney has the whole princess theme down pat. They even had it working in the movie Frozen. Well, it did have two princesses.

In the film Enchanted however, true love’s kiss is a bigger deal. It’s what brings ever-afterings so happy—that’s what the song says. The opening lyrics declare that to spend a life of endless bliss you’ll just need to find who you love through true love’s kiss. Pretty catchy, don’t you think?

Enchanted Giselle
Enchanted Giselle

This is where Giselle (Amy Adams) comes in. She’s the free-spirited embodiment of pure optimism. Her cheerfulness is so infectious that people dance in the street when she’s around, they sing in full choruses in the park, and even the animals gather to help with her chores. There’s nothing too difficult for Giselle, there’s nothing impossible for her.

That is, until we meet the prince. A real winner here. He believes in true love’s kiss, too. As soon as she drops into his lap, he’s dreaming of being married to her in the morning, finishing each other’s duets, and in years to come, reminiscing of how they grew love through true love’s kiss.

It gets better from here, but I’m not going to spoil it. Suffice it to say, Giselle learns what real love is all about. This includes the pain and the emotion attached to real love, the hardship and work behind it all, and the growth that takes place when real love hits someone who doesn’t expect it.

No matter how many times I watch this movie, and no matter how many times I listen to her voice, I always experience joy knowing I can relive my favorite moments over and over again. If anyone deserves to be part of Women Who Wow Wednesday, it’s Giselle, not because she can slay a dragon in one fell swoop, but because of her sense of wonder noticing the world around her. That childlike innocence captured on film makes her someone everyone ought to know in real life.


What did you think of Enchanted? What did you think of Giselle?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

24 thoughts on “Giselle

  1. I loved this movie! I agree that Giselle was the wide-eyed ingenue. I so did not know Disney made this movie….and it’s been a while since I saw it.

    As for hope and optimism and the touch of reality slipped in it was still an enjoyable fil. It made me smile at just how cute it was without it being trite.

  2. I really enjoyed this movie and loved how Disney incorporated the tried and true elements that make their fairy tale adaptations so magical into it. 🙂

    1. I have the DVD and there’s a segment in the special features where the narrator shows how every scene has a hint of every Disney princess movie made. It’s incredible to watch all the references come to life!

  3. I looooved this movie! I watched this twice in the theatre and the second time I took my office team along! Amy Adams was fantastic as Giselle. And her optimistic outlook on the (small) wonders of our world was infectious and enlightening, in a way.

  4. I have friends who memorized this movie when it came out.
    Giselle is a great balance between being a lady and being a strong and independent woman.

    1. When the movie came out I had all I could do to not sing the Happy Working Song all over the house. It’s such an infectious melody! And it also became a game wanting to find all the Disney movie references in this movie. Like a built-in treasure hunt, I went crazy looking for all the clues!

  5. This movie has so much going for it, in particular Amy Adams who is always brilliant.
    The actors, writers, choreographers, and songwriters do a wonderful job of capturing the essence of a classic Disney film, which is a spectacular feat considering they did it in a live action movie. The juxtaposition of the fairy tale in modern day New York provides some great comedic moments and a convincing love story, ideal for all ages.

  6. This is SUCH a charming movie. Giselle is a delight to watch and Amy Adams makes it happen. And of course I loved how the movie made fun of its own genre in the process.

  7. It was definitely a fun movie with a unique view on the Princess tradition. I keep forgetting that Disney made it. Feels like it’s become one of the company’s forgotten treasures like Roger Rabbit and The Black Cauldron.

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