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Zombie Movies I’d Like to See

I’ve been a fan of genre crossing for a long time. I love it when movies bend the rules in order to tell a different type of story. I enjoy the challenges a hero faces when all of a sudden the plot flips from ordinary Horror to something altogether unpredictable. For today’s edition of Monday Mayhem, I’d like to have a look at zombie movies I’d love to see at the theater. If someone already came up with these ideas, let me know. I’m always in the mood for another zombie movie.

Aliens Attack!
Aliens Attack!

Zombies in Space—How about a zombie outbreak that takes place on a space station? Even more so, how about a zombie apocalypse taking over a human colony on another planet? We’re always wondering about what would happen if a zombie virus hits earth. What about astronauts on the space shuttle? No one can deny the close proximity of everyone involved would prove to be the worst aspect of the scenario. How would zombies react in zero gravity? I can see it now, the undead attempting to bite a floating human and it can’t quite grasp the concept of catching its food while hovering over it. I’d find it comical as well as challenging for the zombies. I’m sure humans would win.

Zombies of the Round Table—You know this was coming. The Knights of the Round Table going up against the zombies that have taken over the land. This movie would come complete with fire breathing dragons and the princess in the tower the knights had to save from the horde of undead trying to make a meal out of her. I can picture it now, sword battles and an archer’s dream. The logistics behind a movie like this would make any accountant’s head spin. Weapons, setting, zombie costumes, battle scenes, castle configuration, CGI, the list would go on and on. I’d go see it, for sure.

The Spaghetti Western
The Spaghetti Western

Zombies of the Wild, Wild West—I can hear you guys now, “Really, Jack? Really? Haven’t we learned anything from Cowboys & Aliens?” Okay, this may be a stretch. I would still enjoy a story like this. I would. Imagine a spaghetti western crossing with a zombie apocalypse. The Good, the Bad and the Zombie. Who doesn’t want to watch something like this? Show of hands? Believe me, a gunslinger sitting at a poker table in a saloon will beat six zombies bursting through the doors without breaking a sweat. This movie would raise the bar for zombie kills done in a one-hundred minute film.

Zombies vs. Vampires—I saved the best for last. Who wouldn’t want to see a movie where zombies and vampires tear each other apart? I know I would. When Underworld released, I was one of the first fans to hit the theater. In this case, vampires battled Lycans (werewolves). Not as genre crossing as the rest of the lot, zombies vs. vampires would prove a challenge even to seasoned producers. For instance, an astute writer will ask the question, “Who would be strong enough to win?” As an aside—zombies would win out of pure numbers. Vampires would win out of pure cunning. It would be an amazing movie, nonetheless.

I’m hoping one day that some of these ideas will become movies. I would totally spend money to see them. I must say though, if a bright young producer decided to create a zombie musical to satisfy the craving of all the middle aged folks old enough to remember Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, I’d probably skip it. One video with dancing zombies is enough in my book. Besides, no one could do the zombie walk quite like Jackson could—not including Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30.


What kind of movie would you like to see incorporating zombies?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

20 thoughts on “Zombie Movies I’d Like to See

  1. I feel the same way about ideas 2 and 3. Although Game of Thrones has taken a little of the novelty out of the medieval zombie…

    Zombies in the wild west would be fantastic though ^_^

  2. Shakespeare, definitely Shakespeare. Ophelia rising from the water, the ghost of Hamlet’s father taken to a whole new level! Imagine the late Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern staggering towards you. Imagine Zombie-Hamlet’s soliloquoy: “To be and/or not to be…” I can hardly wait.

  3. A remake of ‘Riverworld’ with zombies would be interesting. Good post, got me thinking.. and something frivolous how about a remake of ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ where Ms. Golightly is dating rich zombie boyfriends…lol!

  4. How about Zombies on Broadway? Singing, dancing zombies tearing apart singing, dancing non-zombies. I hate musicals, but that would make it interesting. Or, even better– Zombie Mary Poppins!! 😀

  5. There are a couple of Star Wars zombie books called Red Harvest and Death Troopers. The latter has Han and Chewie. And both are a lot better than I imagine they sound. They’re not too silly or too serious, but manage to ride a fine, pulpy line like any good Star Wars story I suppose.

  6. I’d love to see the Camelot zombie movie. Rather surprised there hasn’t been a wild west one. Some other interesting crossovers: Samurai Vs Zombies and Zombie Dinosaurs. How about one where there’s only one zombie left on Earth, but all of the humans are dead too? So, you get to see how this solitary, mindless creature survives in a world that is basically throwing off the effects of mankind’s existence.

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