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Food Photography

Taking pictures of food has become a hobby of mine. For a long time, I took the photos not knowing what to do with them until one day it’d dawned on me. I didn’t need to do anything with them. The photos of the food not only represent edibles, but of times gone by. A single image floods my mind of all the good times associated with those meals. Let’s have a look at some of those photos and of what they mean to me for Freedom Friday.

Mamma's Penne Pasta
Mamma’s Penne Pasta

My mom’s pasta is to die for. I don’t know how she makes the sauce, and believe me, my wife’s tried to replicate it, I’ve tried, yet to no avail, we have never been able to duplicate it from scratch. In its place, my wife has her own recipe, which I love with a passion, but it’s not mamma’s sauce. Don’t worry, my wife knows how I feel, it’s no secret. The point being, this photo of my mom’s penne pasta coated with her delicious sauce represents a typical Sunday meal at my parents place. Whenever I look at this picture, memories of all those good time family gatherings come back to me. Every so often, we also have the typical Sunday meal here at my house.

Curry chicken, corn, green beans and marinated eggplant
Curry chicken, corn, green beans and marinated eggplant

Every Saturday afternoon I cook something special for the family. It’s my time when I treat everyone to a culinary creation of my choosing. One of my favorite dishes I enjoy making is chicken. I think I’ve cooked chicken in every way possible, yet, I’m sure someone will say to me, “Have you tried it this way?” I’m sure of it. This photo has all the fall colors wrapped in a delicious assortment of vegetables and chicken. For anyone curious, those are marinate eggplants. I enjoy this photo because it reminds me of our Saturday family time together.


Sushi reminds me of special occasions, long weekends and my absolute love for Japanese food. For those who don’t know, I make my own sushi. It took a long time to understand how all the ingredients worked together, their names and their distinct flavors. Nowadays, it’s second nature making this stuff. This photo is of one of the long weekends here at Casa Flacco, and of how I spent my afternoon. Salmon, avocado, sticky rice, all wrapped with nori. The other dish I made with cucumber, sticky rice and nori. I love long weekends because of our sushi binges.


Nothing quite tops a good ol’ fashioned salad in my family. Salads remind me of summer and fall. We make our salads from the choicest, freshest ingredients. All of it organic and most of it comes from our backyard. This photo captures the essence of what our meals are like in the summer. Every day is salad day with olive oil, feta cheese, Greek olives and onions as extra ingredients. What this photo does not capture is the hard work involved with tilling the soil, watering, babying it every single day to allow it to bring forth an incredible bounty for all of us to enjoy.

Now do you see why I take photos of food?


Are you one of those folks who also take photos of food? What is your favorite food to shoot?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

18 thoughts on “Food Photography

  1. I don’t do too much food photography as I’m usually too busy eating it. And my food presentation is a bit lazy (but I’m a pretty decent cook). Feeling hungry now…

  2. i want to start photographing our family dinners. not so much the daily ones unless it’s something new/unique – but of when we host friends, family and just some other special occasion where we put a lot of our love into our food.

    the whole idea of doing this was to, in the end, create a hardcover family book (using photobook or blurb) to capture recipes of these photos, along with photos of our friends and family at such dinner occasions. and of course, journal these photos and recipes with words and thoughts.

    i still plan to do this but it’s about getting into the habit of making sure i capture these meals as it may take awhile to collect enough material to ‘publish’ these books and give to friends and family at christmas time.

  3. I do take pictures of the meals I ate. Not all the time though (sometimes I am too shy to do so, especially in a fancy restaurant). Usually I took food pictures for the sake of its originality during my travel, and its beauty for gastronomy food (this one, I feel that I should not missed it, the food gastronomy looks like an art and sometimes, i don’t have the heart to eat it because of its beauty :))). Maybe I should post some of the pictures someday. Thank you so much for this article, it is inspiring. I trust the meals looked as delicious as the pictures shown..

  4. This has made me hungry. I don’t take pictures of food, but I don’t really take many pictures. I understand the hard work of gardening, especially moving the rocks out of the way of the tiller. Those were long, hot days in my childhood.

  5. How lovely to have a weekend chef that likes to try new things. I’ve been very lazy cooking recently though we have just discovered chicken enchiladas. There’s somethi.g you could put on Pinterest Jack. I’ll pin this!

  6. I take photos of food – I once fancied I’d have a food blog chronicling my gluten free/paleo adventures (the paleoized potato), but it hasn’t happened yet, so all those photos languish on my hard drive! 🙂 Every once in a while I post fun food pics on instagram or facebook. Of course, looking at yours, I’m hungry now (and I just had breakfast!) They’re great!

    1. you should so do this blog! then let me know so i can follow it. 🙂 always looking for healthy recipes to try out. i’m not on the paleo diet but i like borrowing ideas and recipes as a way to help manage my diabetes as a lot of the recipes are low on the glycemic index.

  7. I typically don’t take pictures of food unless I want to prove that I cooked it. Honestly, it usually isn’t around long enough for me to get my camera. Stomach takes priority. This is a dangerous post to read on an empty stomach. 😉

  8. Jackyou ought to put up the recipe for your curry chicken. It looks so delicious! And your mother’s pasta looks to die for! There’s just something about penne pasta that makes it delicious prepared anyway you cannot go wrongツ

      1. Thanks! Will check it out very shortly ツ Enjoy the rest of the weekend.ツ

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