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Zombies & Aliens Too?

The movie Alien presented an interesting concept to the viewing audience when it first came out in theaters in 1979. The premise goes something like this—humans act as hosts to alien birthing eggs until such time they’re no longer needed and die a miserable death by chest explosion. Interesting, right? Since I’ve been on a zombie/alien kick lately, I thought I’d explore this idea further for Monday Mayhem.

Alien/Zombie host relationship?
Alien/Zombie host relationship?

If you’ve read my post Zombies & Aliens? last week, you would know I delved into the unsettling topic regarding a zombie apocalypse brought on by aliens as opposed to a virus. Seeing how many commenters liked the connection, let’s continue on that train of thought to see where it goes. M-kay?

In the 1956 movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers, aliens embark on an invasion of earth by replacing humans with exact duplicates, except the copies express zero emotion and individuality. Even though the film reflects a perfect commentary of communism in the 1950’s, it also goes on to explain what people would be like should they decide not to express their free will—in essence, the first inkling of a zombie apocalypse even before George A. Romero hit the scene. The only thing missing is the duplicates don’t eat people.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

I know I’ve touched on this idea before by mentioning how zombie propagation changes with the times. For instance in the early 1900’s, zombies originated from supernatural practices in Haiti where voodoo doctors resurrected the dead to have them work on sugar plantations. In the late 1960’s the movie The Night of the Living Dead had fun with the notion zombies could originate from a radioactive satellite bursting in earth’s atmosphere rendering those caught in the debris undead. And just recently, The Walking Dead, although not based on an original concept, is burning the ratings by depicting a world gone crazy due to a virus turning people into walkers (a.k.a. eaters of the fleshly kind).

Having all these other interesting causes to choose from, why not entertain the thought that aliens could cause a zombie apocalypse?

For instance, a meteorite could scream to earth and crash in the middle of the woods somewhere in the United States. The Department of Defense sends in a team of scientists to survey the area to investigate if the meteor would present potential harm toward anyone approaching it. One by one, the scientists die by radiation exposure. From the belly of the meteor, an organism crawls its way to the bodies of the scientists, penetrating their mouths, making them their hosts. The bodies soon rise from the dead and moan their way to civilization, but not before attacking a multitude of campers in the area, spreading the organism from one host to the other with a simple bite.

It isn’t until half the country becomes hosts to the dreaded aliens that a nuclear solution gets a green light from the presidential office.

Wouldn’t that make for an awesome story?


What do you believe will cause the zombie apocalypse? Alien, virus or voodoo?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

17 thoughts on “Zombies & Aliens Too?

  1. Aliens were too busy building the pyramids to make zombies! But I do believe that there is an alien presence in your book, which was a very entertaining read 🙂

  2. That would be a great motto for the week to keep your wits about you. I definitely heard that a lot from my grandma 🙂

  3. A virus will cause it. This attracts the aliens. Voodoo will put an end to it. 😀
    Did I ever mention that The Night of the Creeps is just great?! 😉

  4. Deus ex, Leslie.

    The Zombocalypse will be caused by what’s created zombies for centuries: Methyl Zombinol: C₂H₅OH. People exposed to this chemical at home or at work turn into staggering, mindless automatons, letting their garb disintegrate, feeding off others, driving them insane, too, living off their strength and resources to sate an endless need for more and more of this chemical. They’ll drink anything to get it, Zombuie or Zomfandel, any form at all. This happens everywhere–in Zombia and Zombabwe, from Zomzibar and Zomboanga to the Zombiese River and Zombdusky, Ohio.

  5. I almost didn’t get past the first image. Orson Wells had scared the bejeezers out of normal folk in the 1930’s or 1940’s with his War of the Worlds. Also on that note….some bug that doesn’t bother humans is what destroyed the aliens….there are plenty of historical events where human bugs killed other humans. So maybe there would be some hope for the human race? Maybe?

  6. Great concept – and premise for a movie/book. Let’s just hope that the tenacity of the human spirit, in the survivors, is still going to make the conquering aliens’ life a misery!

  7. That would make for an awesome story! Or an awesome movie … get on that, Jack! You’ve already conquered the world of novels – feel like tackling screenwriting next? 😉

  8. First, I always read that Walking Dead sign wrong. ‘Don’t Dead, Open Inside’ means I wouldn’t last long. Though the arms might give me a shot.

    I like the idea of alien-created zombies. I’m more of the virus or a contaminated food source. The second one works off the fear of genetically modified foods that I see today. In regards to the aliens, do you think they would see our ‘zombie-fearing’ culture and get the idea to use such an infection as a weapon? Basically, purposely causing a zombie apocalypse to make their conquest of Earth easier.

    1. Okay, I can see a problem there, but since you’ve already identified what’s wrong I don’t need to continue with what I was going to say! 😉

      I think anything to bring about an invasion is up for grabs for the aliens. If it’s an organism, an army of aliens or a replacement of people, anything will do. I wouldn’t hold it past them to use biological warfare in order to gain dominance over our species. We do it with bugs, don’t we? What’s to prevent aliens from doing it with us?

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