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Fighting Zombies

Every so often, I’ll watch a movie where a voracious entity of undead means traps a human victim in an ordinary area such as a garage with no way of defense. Most of the time I’m screaming at the TV with suggestions of how to kill the approaching beast. Grab the rake! Use the water hose! The garden shears are on the bench!

Are you Ready?
Are you Ready?

What would my Monday Mayhem feature be without having some fun with everyday household items that can also act as weapons against zombies? I touched on this subject once before in my post Saying No to Zombies, but I’ve always wanted to expand on it.

[Disclaimer: Please folks, this list is written entirely as satire in regards to fighting zombies. Don’t be stupid and attempt these with a human or any other living thing. It’s not only a dumb thing to do. It’s illegal.]

Here is my top 10 list of household items anyone can use to fend off an intruding zombie (in no particular order):

  1. Knife—The simplest of utensils for cutting meats and vegetables can also function as a quick solution to a zombie problem. Always aim for the head. Never stab once. Multiple holes translate to multiple chances of killing the brain.
  2. Fireplace Poker—A practical instrument for rotating wood in a fire, its pointed end will serve as the perfect answer to oncoming evil creatures. Its hook can also provide a means to catch an unsuspecting zombie, but no one want’s to do that. However, the easiest way to utilize this tool is to swat and swat hard. Remember the rule? Always aim for the head.
  3. Snow Globe—These ornaments usually find themselves on bookshelves, nightstands, tables, fridges, and in some instances, bathrooms. These are the brute-force-approach type items. Meaning, the impact delivery system is directly proportionate to the amount of force applied by the defender on the zombie’s cerebellum or any other part of the rotting head. Much like the knife, the more blows delivered, the greater the chances of escaping.
  4. Splinters—These suckers can come from anywhere. A desk drawer can turn into a pile of splinters if the correct amount of force distributes from drawer to wall. Even smashing a hardwood floor will yield splinters. Once in hand, they can work pretty much like knives (see above). The best part about splinters is their ability to break in chunks in order to lodge pieces in the zombie brain. Of the remnant, one can utilize to remove organs (i.e. eyes. A zombie that can’t see can’t eat.)
  5. Weapons

    Garden Hose—This neat little item can function on multiple levels. The water set at high pressure can disorient and confuse a zombie when shot in the face. The hose itself can also work as an instrument of strangulation. It will not kill it but it sure would be fun trying. In addition, used properly, the hose can work as a crude method for an explosive device. The simplest way is shoving the hose down the zombie’s throat and turning on the water. Within a matter of seconds the whole thing should blow.

  6. Broom—A quick and dirty instrument of death to instill terror in the hearts of minions by utilizing its handle to poke, maim and kill. It is also useful for whacking brains from skulls until splatter designs appear on the surrounding walls and floor.
  7. Glass—Found throughout the house, glass can provide the first line of defense against the ravenous undead. Holding a broken bottle by the neck will not threaten a zombie. Drilling it into its face will however force the zombie to step away enough for a rapid escape. Never underestimate the power of sand heated at high temperatures.
  8. Salt—In ol’ zombie folklore, forcing a zombie to eat salt will cause the corpse to realize it’s dead and will head back to the grave. The question is how do you feed a zombie? I’d rather take a more aggressive approach with my zombie feedings. Grab a fistful of the white stuff and toss it in its face. If it doesn’t eat the salt, it will certainly lose a portion of its sight. At least I hope.
  9. Chair—This is an easy item to use as it can function as not only defense against approaching gut suckers, pushing the chair in their faces, but also can serve the dual purpose of acting as a weapon, wailing on the undead until they’re completely dead.
  10. Door—The trick to using a door as a weapon is getting a zombie to step into one. Easiest way to do this is offering bait, preferably a friend. Once it’s taken the bait, watch as it attempts to make its way into the room. Best practices involve utilizing the zombie’s own inertia when door makes contact with its body. If luck presents itself the beast will peek between the door and the doorframe, no hesitation should take place in regards to ramming door to stationary object. Ooze and blood trails will indicate success.

I’m sure there are many, many more utensils, tools and common every day items that can work to fight off a zombie infestation.


Do you have any suggestions of items you’d like to add to the list?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

23 thoughts on “Fighting Zombies

  1. “Never stab once.” That cracked me up! Also, I realize that I need to look into buying snow globes that I don’t mind breaking over a zombie’s head. Thanks for the practical, if a bit illegal, advice!

      1. Unfortunately, mine do not – I just picked them up at a rummage sale with the idea that i would learn during Wisconsin’s deep dark winters… that has yet to happen, five years later… So I’m thinking spearing some Zombie Brain would give them another lease on life! 🙂

      2. Always keep them readily available. Zombies are a resilient bunch. Might I suggest a permanent place on the fireplace mantle, next to the poker?

  2. I’ve never heard about the salt idea. That’s something I need to look up.

    My husband and I are, as you know, watching The Walking Dead. We recently watched the episode where Glenn is being held hostage and a walker is released into the room. The armchair duct-taped to his arm did a fantastic job of finishing off that particular walker.

    The fireplace poker and the knife are ideal. They never require reloading, and when the day is through you can use them to chop your veggies and build a fire. Or not. It would be the apocalypse, after all.

    1. I didn’t know about the salt either until recently during a night of heavy research.

      I think duct tape is the Canadian equivalent of the Swiss army knife. I’ve seen a myriad of other uses for the item, but a zombie killer? Yeah, I’ll go with that.

      I’ll use the knife to chop my veggies after a zombie kill. Of course only after I wipe the blade.

  3. I love your it’s illegal line. That cracked me up. I wonder if blowing kids’ bubbles would distract them. Kidlit zombie version 😉

  4. A Nintendo GameCube makes for an excellent bludgeon, and lots of those are floating around; it’s got a good weight, an easy-to-swing shape, and a handle. Plus they’re almost indestructible (having had mine yanked off the shelf numerous times, sometimes while playing, due to hyperactive pets, I’ve yet to see one actually break.)

    Some brands of portable TV would also be workable, for similar reasons, but are more prone to breakage and self harm (being hollow inside and with a glass front.)

  5. A snowmobile (now you think I’m insane) but it would be perfect during the winter to run over some zombies with it as a daily activity. (Inspiration Dead Snow)

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