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Let Your Light Shine Before Others

Before Jesus returned to heaven, He instructed His disciples to preach the gospel into all the world. What better way today to preach the gospel than to show others how Jesus has changed us. By being a light, others will see God’s glory through the darkness.

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

(Matthew 5:14-16)

One of the greatest testimonies anyone could preach is to show how Jesus changed one’s life. Through acts of kindness and doing God’s will, which is keeping His commandments, the world will have no excuse in not seeing God. For through us, and our acts, all will see God.

How do we preach the gospel to the world? Show kindness to everyone longing for answers. Impart knowledge to those seeking God. Proclaim the name of Jesus. Give to the poor. Comfort the sick. Bless all.

Let us remember, in all that we do, we are glorifying God. For whatever trial others may be going through, our hope in Jesus may one day also visit them. Therefore, preach the gospel into all the world and let your light shine before others.


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

23 thoughts on “Let Your Light Shine Before Others

  1. This is one of my favourite Gospel verses, it leaves no doubt what we are called to do for our Lord. Thank you for your encouragement, may our Father God bless you brother.

  2. Amen, to everything you wrote. As I reflect on the times I witnessed people transformed on the spot, in that very moment- it wasn’t acts of kindness, it was the CONCRETE BELIEF they heard and felt, coming from inside the the man or woman praying to God. A perfected faith, that has ZERO DOUBT, in prayer, catches souls on fire for Almighty God. It transforms them not because we prayed, because WE BELIEVE. ALL THE GLORY TO GOD.

  3. I got saved through a very aggressive outreach church. Jesus came to seek that which was lost and He was our example, reach the lost anyway possible. Our pastor kept the needs of the world before us by bringing in missionaries in which is how we ended up in a foreign learning their language to be able to share the gospel. I was over whelmed when I counted how many churches were out there from our house to our church and yet there were people who had no gospel witness around them. It sobered us, excited us, compelled us to leave it all here for the sake of the gospel. Not all will go but all should struggle with the lack of a witness anywhere in the world. Thanks Jack for the reminder of the task Jesus left us. Perfect time right now, the world is in chaous. And there is some seeking out there wondering, what is the world is this world coming too. We have the answer.

    1. What a wonderful testimony you’ve shared. Truly there is no other god than our God who can perform such a miraculous feat in a person’s life. Blessings always!

  4. Telling others our testimony really allows others to know if God can do for us, He can also do for them. We serve a miraculous God! Preach the word in season and out so that others may see and believe. Blessings Always Jack.

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