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God Answers Prayer

Pray to God our Father, who has given us salvation through His Son Jesus. Bless the Lord, for He is good. Come before God with a humble heart. He will answer prayer and give relief to those who believe His Word.

Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness!
You have given me relief when I was in distress.
Be gracious to me and hear my prayer!

(Psalms 4:1)

As many a trial we endure, God will not leave us to languish by our own devices. He will provide His Spirit, and by His joyful heart, we will find rescue. For our prayers are as sweet incense to Him. No one can remove us from the presence of our Lord.

Though our enemies may surround us, God will raise legions of angels to protect us. The bulwarks He lifts as a boundary against evil will thwart all those who dare render His Word void. Our fervent prayer in the midst of darkness will be as a light to the unrighteous.

May God have mercy on the souls of the wicked, for His judgments are right and just. Our supplications will rise to Him who sits on His throne in heaven. Forevermore will be His gift of grace on us who believe.

God answers prayer.


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

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