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How to Overcome Fear

Everyone is afraid of something. You can be afraid of heights (Acrophobia), afraid of open spaces (Agoraphobia), or simply afraid of spiders (Arachnophobia).

In my case, I have always been afraid of public speaking. I recently discovered my fear goes by the name Glossophobia, which is really speech anxiety. I would have thought, though, a fear such as this would have gone by a better name. Something like Heartinmythroatphobia would make more sense. I would even accept KillmenowbeforeIgoonstagephobia.

I have learned, however, that fear avoidance does nothing more than delay the inevitable. Eventually the same challenge will appear and I will have to tackle it one way or another.

Facing My Fears

To overcome my fear of public speaking I do what any normal human being would do. I immerse myself in situations where I cannot avoid public speaking.

I realize it sounds counterintuitive. After all, who does that? Who confronts the very thing that promotes that queasy feeling in the pit of the stomach that renders a person sick as a billy goat?

Well, I do.

Whenever there is an opportunity to make a speech, say a few words on behalf of an event, or have a need to make my opinion known, I am there. I do it because I know that if I choose to stay quiet, I will not grow and be a better individual. I will remain the same.

Sameness makes a person lukewarm.

And a long time ago, I promised myself I would never be lukewarm for something I care about a great deal.

God Fights on My Behalf

The other thing I have yet to mention that gives me the courage to step outside of myself and face my fears is I have God fight my battles for me:

“Say to those with fearful hearts, ‘Be strong, and do not fear, for your God is coming to destroy your enemies. He is coming to save you’” (Isa. 35: 4 NLT).

Imagine your fear being a big bully waiting for you at the end of the street. In the past, you turned the corner and went the other way. But on this occasion, right ahead is God who will ensure your safety. He will fight in your stead. He will vanquish your enemies and turn them into dust.

With a thought like that is it a wonder anyone has any fear at all.

Will Fear Ever Vanish?

Yet, every so often, I still have that queasy feeling whenever all eyes are gazing at me. And I am fine with that because I know as I move forward toward overcoming my insecurity I will be a better version of myself.

In that sense, it is all a matter of facing the challenge head on, and tackling it so that I can control it as opposed to it controlling me.

Add to that God’s help, and I know I have nothing to fear.


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

7 thoughts on “How to Overcome Fear

  1. Great post! As God Himself says, “Be not afraid.” I suggest you try looking into EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) It may seem a bit odd at first, but it WORKS! A friend of mine suffered from public speaking for years. After doing EFT he was able to give a talk, without fear, to a group of over 60 people. This was a HUGE accomplishment for him. EFT can be done as many times as needed. Look into it!

  2. Good stuff, the Spartans, I think, used to go to the temple of phobos the god of fear to get the crap scarred out of them before they went into battle. See also Jeremiah chapter 1, God strengthening him before he went into his battle.

  3. What an inspiring post Jack! I agree that all of us should overcome fear and we should put our trust in Him in every situation. My fear is public speaking and how I overcame that fear is by practicing in the mirror every day and speak slowly, but clearly so I can fully pronounce my words and let people understand what I am saying to them, which is very important. Overall, great post. This a must read for anyone who experienced fear. 🙂

  4. When I was in High School I inadvertently joined the Drama Club. I was terrified but more afraid to look like an idiot. I discovered I was good at it. (acting not idiot!) The realization? It wasn’t me on stage, it was the character. A device I use whenever I have to speak in public.

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