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No More Dystopia

Last week I wrote about Utopia. I made a correlation with Star Trek, its technologies and moral code with that of the present era. Not only is the world currently absent from a Utopian paradise, but it also lacks the motivation to change what is broken. It will take some time before anything changes.

Mussolini at Palazzo Venezia
Mussolini at Palazzo Venezia

With that out of the way, I’d like to talk a bit about the other side of the equation. Naturally, if there is a Utopia, by all arguments, there should also be a dystopia.

For those new to the concept, dystopia is what happens when a warped sense of reality begins to rule a society. For instance, a world leader proclaims that funny hats make people happy, and the only way people will ever be happy is if they wear a funny hat. Of course, a segment of the population will grasp the concept and make it their own, but like all fads, it will fade away. However, if that leader decides people are better off dead than not wear a funny hat, and he or she makes it a national law to wear said funny hat, all of a sudden that nation becomes a dystopian society. Simple, right?

Imagine if the concept wasn’t all about a funny hat but about something bigger.

How much genocide has taken place due to a Utopian idea that took a wrong turn somewhere? I once read that humanity’s worst moments happen because of good intentions. A Utopia gone bad is not what this world needs now.

Am I sounding an alarm? I sure am. This world needs solid leadership that will not follow centuries of corruption and scandal. The direction needed to clear the waterways, plow the garbage from the streets and never turn a blind eye to those in need, especially the homeless, is lacking. That direction can only come from a change in mindset.

I hope you don’t think I’ve gone insane. Actually, I hope you do think that. If I can be an example for others, then so be it. I’m exhausted hearing the same old story repeatedly that new leadership will bring positive change, new leadership will provide for the masses.

My take on it? Don’t just say it. Do it.

We the citizens of the world don’t need politicians meeting together, enjoying $2,000-a-plate meals, driving around in fancy limos ad nauseam. We the citizens of the world demand action. We’re sick of hearing excuses. No more lies. No more stories. We want to see you with rolled up sleeves ready to work. Not just before election day.

I challenge you, politicians, to prove me wrong. Show me where you’ve stepped in to eliminate hunger for kids living in poverty around the globe. Show me where you’ve proven yourselves worthy for intervening when families have not died for defending their homes in times of war. Show me how you’ve eradicated pestilence and disease for the weak and unfortunate.

Because it is only when the heart changes that the world will become a better place. Politicians have to recognize goodness comes from the top down. Without that—there isn’t much hope other than maintaining the status quo that has been around since time immemorial.

I challenge you, leaders of the world; make a change for the better. Not just in words. But in action.

No more dystopia.


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

13 thoughts on “No More Dystopia

  1. Well-stated. This is why I’m a supporter of Bernie Sanders. With all the corruption in our political system, owned by corporations and billionaires (who are one-in-same), Mr. Sanders is the only presidential candidate who is funded by the American people and he has been fighting for us for nearly 40-years. Sounds like fiction, but it’s fact with old C-Span videos to prove it. If he doesn’t win this election, Canada may have a huge influx of immigrants coming from the USA. Hah!

  2. Well done!
    I was hotly debating with my Mom, that why can’t there be a person who looks at “Said Leadership” not as a career, but instead as A job that needs doing? (Kind of like a Honey-Do List? Maybe?)
    (Check- Balanced budget, Check – Review upcoming Bill, etc…)
    Sad, that we can only get career Polititions running who can not debate what needs to be done. Instead we see those who inflict onto someone else “high drama” so that The People get deviated from getting the answers they were looking for from the person who instigated it. It’s grade school BS, and we fall for it, and the media latchs onto it.
    TV is lopsided here, you only see the drama, and not enough “TV time” is given equally amongst all those in the running.
    How can we, in these turbulent times, make important decisions when someone is mucking up the water, so to speak?
    Do we already live in a ‘political dystopia’…I for one do not know the answer to that…too early to tell.

  3. Beautifully said, Jack! If only . . .
    I’m also echoing what Gilbertspeaks says above, although I said that with Dubya as well and never managed to move out of the country. I guess that $300 “tax relief” didn’t/couldn’t get me very far (ha!).

  4. Too many politicians see politics as a lucrative career rather than a calling. However, I wouldn’t hold them to blame all by themselves. I once wrote (only half facetiously) that people get the tyrants they deserve. If the majority of the population chose to hold politicians to account there might be some movement on greater social justice and equality. But too many people are apathetic or willingly ignorant or even supportive of these lunatics.

    I don’t think anything will change until ordinary people start thinking for themselves, stop reading any old right wing or left wing rubbish and make up their own minds for once. People seem to get more worked up about last night’s television than the state of the country.

    1. When I wrote this I was looking at the world as if it had already self-detonated. I’m hoping that it will not be so, but seeing the unfairness with the distribution of resources is not sitting well with me. There has to be a change soon. It can’t go on this way.

  5. Unfortunately, with the Tea Party and Republican parties in the states, I fear we’re already circling the drain. You might have me as a neighbor if a democrat doesn’t win the election

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