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What Excites You?

An article in Psychology Today eloquently titled What Excites You?—yes, you can smack me later for ripping off the title—states that the prevalent thought in psychology according to Silvan S. TomkinsAffect, Imagery, Consciousness is that humans have an inherent need to maximize positive and rewarding emotions while minimize negative ones.

Pizza with tons of toppings
Pizza with tons of toppings

Given it’s Freedom Friday, I figure the best way to maximize positive thought is to provide you a peek into what excites me. Later in the comments, you can tell me what excites you. How does that sound?

A Good Song: First up, nothing can really replace a good song. You know when it happens as soon as it hits your ears. Your feet begin to shuffle, your fingers begin to tap, and you’re off bobbing your head to the rhythm of the beat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a lousy mood only to rise from the dumpster when one of my favorite songs is playing on my earbuds. My secret weapon for curing the blues is three hits of AC/DC, two chasers of Led Zeppelin and one shot of John Williams.

Good Food: How can I describe the feeling I get when sitting at the table anticipating my mom’s home-cooked meal? There’s a whole method to the act of patiently waiting. I’m Italian, so a meal doesn’t only consist of the main course but it includes the antipasto, the salad, dessert and other foods I can’t bare writing about without eating part of my anatomy. The whole experience is reminiscent of a grand opera served on a platter. Delicious.


Good Exercise: I love taking walks. I love doing my stretching exercises. I love physical activity outside. Actually, let me qualify that last bit. I love physical activity outside if there’s a goal to achieve. Cleaning up a garage is not my idea of a physical activity I like. I’ll do it, but it’s far and away not on my Top Ten list of things I love doing. Okay, back to my walks. When I go for a walk, I grab my phone, plug in my earphones and soak the tunes while I perform a half-hour jaunt around my neighborhood. The music helps me focus and my love for my neighborhood allows me the convenience to say hello to all my neighbors. The activity is also great on the heart.

Good Friends: Lastly, meeting with good friends over a meal or a ball game makes for one of the most wonderful times ever. I’ve known my best friends, those people who I can call on and say they are my friends, since I was a single. We go to each other’s houses, have BBQ’s, picnics, etc. and we simply enjoy each other’s company. What’s not to like? People change, but the friendship always remains. That time together will one day become a memory worth talking about.

These things excite me. They thrill me, lift me up and inspire me to do better in all that I do.

What excites you?


What activities do you enjoy doing? What would recommend that I ought to try?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

12 thoughts on “What Excites You?

  1. I’ve just written a post about one of the things that excites me: a long straight road and a chillingly powerful moterbike…

    Standing close to an exposed point in a chain of mountains and seeing the jagged ribbon of an arrete linking one summit to another; the dramatic sweep of the mountainside hurtling down to the valley bottom.

    The moment you hear a singer or a band for the first time and you know you’re going to like everything they’ve ever recorded and you’re at the first step along a journey of discovery.

    Adding the vocals to a music mix and hearing the song complete for the first time.

  2. Very cool list. The things I find most exciting (not in any particular order):
    A good book
    A good movie
    Food…lots of it.
    Seeing the face of someone who first discovers the truth of Jesus.
    Anything that excites my children.
    My wife.

  3. What excites me are very specific because I feel so happy I feel my heart beat so fast I almost think that it’s breaking but in a good way bringing me to happy tears.
    1. Playing volleyball
    2. Hanging out with my mom and sis
    3. Special moments with my hubby
    4. Passed down recipes I cook successfully
    5. When the sun comes out
    6. Watching my sis perform

  4. I love this post! In today’s materialistic society where clothing is optional and role models are questionable, you have spoken about what really counts in this life. Family, friends, food, and good music.

  5. A good drink with good friends, along with the conversation, and no closing time. Basically any solid “grown-up” time. 🙂
    But right now, getting that job that excites me again. Everything else would then follow suit.

  6. My great joys in life :
    A good song
    A good movie
    Good food
    A good book ( or just the anticipation of reading one)
    Being with friends and family and having a good time. I’m an introvert so it’s exhausting for me but I wouldn’t miss a moment. My family is nuts and always entertaining.
    This is not in any particular order, either.
    I’m an artist so drawing, painting, crocheting.really any kind of creative effort is satisfying for me.

  7. I got to say that all of the above that you named excites me, but if I have to pick my own favourite would be:
    1- Food, for sure.
    2-Reading a book
    5-Watch a good movie, but by myself. I just hate it when I´m with a group of people and they start talking about if this character is the bad one or this one is going to do this or that…..come on ! Just be quite and let the movie tell you what happens or just k ee your thoughts to yourself, it´s bothering me.

    And these are not in an order of the best to last, although number 4 would probably be the first if I did it in order.

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