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My Playlists II

Over a year ago, I wrote a post called My Playlists that went on to describe my affinity for obsession with music playlists. After rereading the post, I thought I could add more to it in terms of what other kinds of playlists I have, and the reasons I created them. Since it’s for my Freedom Friday series, I might as well have some fun along the way.

Musical notes
Musical notes

In my original post, I talked about mixtapes and what made them so special back in the day when cassette tapes ruled media. A perfectly designed mixtape is a form of expression that captures the essence of a feeling or of a moment in time. Nowadays, the mixtape is a playlist on a music player tailored with songs that have a connection with each other. In other words, a playlist brings together songs that mean something to someone when played together in a certain order.

For instance, I have a playlist dedicated to my college years. These are songs I was listening to while in college that if I played them today would spark those memories of my trips in and out of class, the school library and study hall. I also have a playlist called High School that I love playing whenever I want to remember the times when I sat on the football field with my friends, looking at the sky while dreaming of who we wanted to be someday.

Recently, I’ve added a slew of new playlists to my collection that I could only describe as representing a feeling:

Lounge—A series of smooth jazz songs that transport me to a lounge at the top of a luxury hotel, minutes before midnight while I take in the sight of the city lights below. Yeah, pretty specific, huh?
Autumn—Songs that have a nostalgic, melancholy vibe that remind me of the reflection I go through when fall arrives. Whenever I find myself in this playlist, I’m instantly walking through the leaves as the rain pours.
Winter—I came up with this playlist as a way to enjoy the solitude of the season. Those cold winter days when the wind is blowing and no one’s around makes for a peaceful time. These songs bring those moments together in a way that enhances the frost of the season.
Love—Ah, yes. It’s all about love. My choice of songs vary, but the theme remains the same. On this playlist I’ve added songs for the tender heart.
Sports—Unlike the name of the playlist, the songs evoke inspiration. It’s the one playlist I can go to for a “You can do it!” jolt of adrenaline to spike my productivity.
Summer—Fun tunes featuring Beach Boys and anything with the word summer in its title. I’m playing this now as I write. They’re the songs that epitomize youth, fun in the sun, and explode with energy.
Power—This playlist features tunes with only one thing as its purpose—to blow away anything in its path. I mixed soundtrack songs from various superhero, car and summer blockbuster flicks in one neat little package that would evoke a big sense of adventure. I came up with this playlist as a way to kick me into action. A couple of these songs is all I need to press me to running with the bulls.

Anyway, I love my playlists. I really do. Whenever I need to focus on a certain period in my life or take an emotional journey, my music has been there for me, saving the day and pulling me to keep creating.

What about you? Do you have playlists that inspire you?


Do you create playlists? If so, what kind of playlists are they?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

13 thoughts on “My Playlists II

  1. All my playlists were ‘soundtracks’ for story ideas. I was listening to one last night that I created around 2000. The story was a family of arms dealers being hunted by a secret agent. The tracklist included Dubstar, The Prodigy, Chris Rea, Sting and Jean-Michelle Jarre.

    I remember the original playlist post, Jack. One year ago! I think I might have replied then to say the whole playlist thing ultimately led to Toten Herzen’s creation and evrything that followed.

  2. I have a Terabyte storage unit with 80,000 songs. I have three playlists which have my all time favorites. I now listen to IHeart Radio while writing. The whole Itunes thing is too much trouble to set up songs.

  3. Ethnic: Sitar, didjeridoo,Japanese Koto & Samisen music, tribal, Greek folk dance, flamenco, etc.

    Meditative : Piano, Gary Oldfield ( Tubular Bells ), Tibetan singing bowls, similar.

    Jazz : From Gershwin to Tito Puente.

    Rock : Often includes contemporary Jazz.

    Classical : I started it during the holidays, because a lot of holiday music is classical.
    I’ve got more. These are all on Youtube. Some playlists overlap. Gershwin’s ” Rhapsody ” is both Classical & Jazz.

    1. I have the original version of Gary Oldfield’s Tubular Bells and the redux, which is exactly the same, note-for-note, but with a cleaner, modern take. Interesting.

  4. I had the same idea with cassette mixes. It continues with my smartphone lists. (I don’t miss that clunky cassette tray that slid all over the seats.).

    I have a Cello set, soft 80’s, big hair 80’s and now I’m into the techno-mixes. (Hybrid for example) I also have movie soundtracks. (Game of thrones is really
    Good for background)
    Today’s movie will pull out a classic and I will fall in love with that artist all over again.

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