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Captain America

Of all the superheroes that impress me, one deserves recognition above all others. He’s fast, tough, and upstanding in his morals. He takes ownership for the safety of humanity. He’s a team player.

Chris Evans is Captain America
Chris Evans is Captain America

Captain America is today’s Wednesday Warriors highlight.

In World War II, when the army needed soldiers, Steve Rogers volunteered for an opportunity to fill the ranks. His enthusiasm and his unwillingness to surrender made him a prime candidate for the front line. His only problem? He was short. And he wasn’t very strong.

A military experiment Steve Rogers took part in changed all that. He no long had height as an issue to hold him back. And he certainly didn’t worry about muscles either. The experiment made him physically superhuman, but retained his go-for-it attitude intact. This scrawny individual became Captain America.

I grew up with Captain America. I had his action figure complete with uniform, boots and shield I enjoyed playing with him when I was eleven. My mom had bought it for me. It was my favorite action figure at that time. I really didn’t know the full story behind this Marvel action hero, but I loved how he looked and what he represented. I eventually bought the comics to read of his adventures in the safety of my bedroom. He became a hero I followed into my adulthood.

Captain America
Captain America

The thing about Captain America is he knows who he is. He’s not one of those dark comic book figures who has to go through an inner struggle to overcome demons from the past. He genuinely cares for the people he saves, which isn’t much different from any superhero. Yet, his struggle is an external one, against those who want to bring humanity to the brink of annihilation.

The Cap also possesses impeccable character. At times he may fail, but he’s always ready to admit when he’s wrong. He doesn’t blame anyone for his mistakes but himself. As strong as he appears, he doesn’t allow his super-strength to affect his ego. If anything, The Cap doesn’t have an ego. This is what makes him different and a superhero other superheroes follow into battle.

I would say the best part about Captain America is how he can remain determined in the face of adversity. The world could be falling apart all around him, but he picks up from his losses and moves forward without looking back.

Captain America may make the world a safer place to live, but it’s his integrity as an honest individual that drives his fans to want to continue following him.

Captain America is the First Avenger.


What do you like about Captain America?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

19 thoughts on “Captain America

  1. Had he ever crossed the battle lines and hooked up with Wonder Woman then he could have been Captain Dad of star-quality, spangly-clad children, forging a strong marriage despite his wife’s job always taking her to DC. Their wholesome lifestyle would have made even Ward Cleaver proud.

      1. I’ve read a Wonder Woman / Captain America fan – fiction story online, but the TV / movie studios would allow it when they allow NHL franchises, skating rinks & frozen yogurt places in Dante’s Inferno. 🙂

  2. And yet…he also one gets picked at for being “too good”. It’s like…out of the Avengers, at least, Captain America is the least plausible. For that reason.

  3. I didn’t become a Captain America fan until I was a teenager ,and then only by reading the Avengers comic books. Like Superman, I had nothing but admiration for him. He represented every quality I ever wanted to possess.

  4. He’s definitely become my favorite of the movie heroes. As a kid, I was more into Spider-Man, so I’m not that knowledgeable of Captain America. I do find him to be the most human of the super-powered Avengers. Though Hawkeye might have taken the lead in the last movie. I kind of compare him to Superman at times because even with their powers, both characters possess a nobility and kindness that many superheroes seem to lack. They really do stand out among the gritty anti-heroes and over-the-top personalities you see today.

    (Was so hoping for an opportunity to write ‘Language’ in the comments.)

    1. I didn’t know about Hawkeye until a few years ago. I never encountered him in the comics. But I really like his resilience with how he handles himself.

      1. I remember him from the old Avengers arcade game and from reading comics. I liked Disney’s Robin Hood, so I got curious when I noticed a superhero with a bow and arrow.

      2. I enjoyed his portrayal in the first Avengers movie. He reminded me of Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Dead-center aim on his targets every time. That was a treat.

      3. Hawkeye is one of my favorites, too. But then I just like archers, so yeah.
        Interestingly, everything I know about all the individual characters, I learned from reading The Avengers comic books in the eighties and nineties. I never read any of the individual character books, at all.

  5. I always thought of Captain America as a mixture of Superman, Batman & Steve Canyon from the comics ( That last being a Milton Caniff creation ).

      1. It was a spin – off of ” Terry & The Pirates “. Kind of like a semi – covert secret agent for the U.S. military.

      2. Sounds like a good enough definition. I only know about this via old strips of Terry & The Pirates that got me reading Steve Canyon.

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