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Time Is Precious

This has to be my favorite time of year. With the days getting shorter and the nights growing colder, I don’t miss the sweltering heat of summer. But I’m sure if I live through six months of frigid arctic weather, I would grow weary enough to want to have the sun back. Just, not right now, though.

The Woods
The Woods

I can’t believe how quickly October went by. I was talking with a friend of mine the other day telling how this month disappeared. Then again, I did have a book release, so that did make the time fly. Nonetheless, my friend felt time has been speeding along while all we’re doing is enjoying the ride.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the woods while the leaves were turning colors and I had the opportunity to have my camera with me. Actually, I went out to take a few photos, so the opportunity was a planned event. As I walked through the woods enjoying the scenery, I noticed how quiet it was. I noticed it before, yet it never hit me quite as dramatically as that day.

I sat on a log and took it all in. I could hear the leaves rustling in the wind. The squirrels were dancing along the perimeter foraging for food. And the air was still warm, left over from the summer.

The Woods - A week later
The Woods – A week later

A week later, I went back to that same spot and the leaves had all but changed to a brilliant orange. Gone was the multi-colored tapestry nature gladly spreads honoring those who venture nearby. In its place, a bed of leaves surrounded my feet. A cold wind ran through my jacket as I sunk my hands into my pockets. And the gray sky made everything barren-looking. I couldn’t believe how quickly everything changed.

I’ve been noticing that quite a lot lately. I’m not sure why that is. In the town where I live, construction has overtaken major roadways. What used to be a peaceful area now bustles with workers. They’re improving the area. At least that is what I think they’re doing. I notice it more when I have to drive through it, running errands.

How quickly things change.

The log
The log

This time of year calls for nostalgia, wanting for things to be the way they were. I miss those days when things were simpler, when I didn’t have all the responsibilities I have today. I’m longing for those people who were once in my life, but are no longer there. I miss them. Their ghosts come and go, yet the present remains the same.

Time is precious and there’s no escaping it. What is today will become yesterday. Let’s enjoy every moment.

[Another Freedom Friday post inspired by fall.]


How do you view time? Does this time of year also spark a longing for the way things were?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

13 thoughts on “Time Is Precious

  1. This time of the year sped by almost without me realizing it. I felt very uninspired and not very crafty this time. Things seemed so less stressful in my earlier years, but I notice that I fought hard to get in the swing of things.
    Still working on it, I hope that I remember to not get overwhelmed when I don’t accomplish something…
    But I do enjoy the pictures all my friends and acquaintances have posted. It fills the yen for other climes. 🙂
    Happy Fall.

  2. Your post made me remember those fall changes (which I’ve been away from now for six falls), but the contrast you pointed out between your two visits a week apart got me thinking. Fall itself is a microcosm of how fast everything changes. I love fall and detest winter, even though I know where fall is leading. Spring, on the other hand is more gentle about its arrival. And it often takes its own sweet time. But we can enjoy it for a much longer period of time, and it leads to something that most of us like–summer. Sorry for the ramble. haha

    1. I often feel like Fall gives way to Winter too fast & that Spring is aeons or light years away.
      I prefer Spring & Summer with the heat to Winter & shivering. We also get that extra hour back that we lose. 🙂

  3. The frightening thing about time is it accelarates as you get older. The last thirty years will have gone by slower than the next thirty years will! So, it’s essential to appreciate what’s around us. Autumn leaves, spring blossom. Sunsets can be spectacular this time of year too.

  4. I prefer cold weather over hot because you can always add another layer of clothing when it’s cold, but, when it’s hot, you can only take off so much. I love the different colors of leaves in the fall, they’re so pretty. 🙂

  5. Those photos are magical! I’m amazed by how deeply orange the trees are. That last woods shot in particular, with the orange floor is really something special. I also enjoy the writing 🙂

  6. Great photos! Fall is my favoritefavoriteFAVORITE time of the year. We don’t get much in the way of changing leaf colors here in Texas, so I take great pleasure in looking at other people’s photos of Fall.
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. The period where Fall subtly gives way to Winter right around Christmas is an interesting time. But after Christmas & New Years’ I wish I could either hibernate or enter suspended animation until April or May, or else travel someplace warmer like Cancun, Hawaii, the Bahamas, Australia, & return to the U.S. in Spring.

    Or barring that, I could search for Shangri – La !

    Those Fall foliage photos remind me of hikes I’d take in my youth on the trails in E. TN’s Smoky Mountains.

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