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One of my very favorite things I like to do is listen to music. Allow me to rephrase. What I always love to do is immerse myself in awesome music. There, the universe is whole again.

Tom, Travis & Mark
Tom, Travis & Mark

Since y’all know I use my Freedom Friday post to talk about—well—anything, I figure I’d talk about some of my favorite song lyrics. Don’t you worry, my musical tastes border on eclectic, so you shouldn’t have to fear of not being able to recognize the tunes.

Except today.

I’m feeling wound up and free. And if you don’t know who Blink-182 is, then head on over to youtube to find out. They are one incredible band.

All right, having dispensed with the introductions, here they are—Blink-182. I’ll provide a snippet of the song, then I’ll tell you what it means to me:


White stones of hollow eyes
Death comes you better hide
Never rest in town
(Fall in my arms again)
Full moon on a rotten night
Eighteen and a wind came by
Not a soul around
(Fall in my arms again)

What it means to me: If I didn’t know better, Blink has a fascination with vampires. To me, though, I take it to mean zombies on the prowl. I don’t think vampires have white stones for eyes. Zombies, on the other hand, do. They are a dreadful kind, ready to tear apart anything resembling human. I wish this song would play somewhere on The Walking Dead. This would fit perfectly.

Fighting the Gravity

This air is too thick to breathe
So just drive
These eyes are too sick to see
Don’t leave me behind
Something’s swimming in my blood
Something’s rotting in my brain
When I’m smothered from the flood
I can’t recognize your face
I need to leave
So just drive

What it means to me: I can’t help but think of the desert laid waste by its sand and heat. I can’t also help think of a virus rotting the brain turning everyone into zombies. Okay, so that last part just came to me, but I’m listening to this song and it’s reminding me of that specific impending doom awaiting humans if, and when, a zombie apocalypse should take place.

You’re right. My mind is in one place. Let me change it up a bit.

Ghost on the Dance Floor

Yeah I
I saw your ghost tonight
The moment felt so real
If your eyes stay right on mine
My wounds would start to heal

The boys
The boys

What it means to me: Mourning the passing of a loved one is an intense process. I’ve gone through it, as I’m sure the majority of you also. For me, this song represents healing from a past loss in order to move on. Every so often when the ghost reappears, making the moment seem so real, I allow it to heal my wounds. I then go about my day knowing several months from now it’ll probably happen again, but to a lesser degree.

Maybe, this is not what I had in mind when I meant I wanted to change it up a bit. Let me leave you with this song instead:

Aliens Exist

Hey mom there’s something in the backroom
I hope it’s not the creature from above
You used to read me stories
As if my dreams were boring
We all know conspiracies are dumb

What if people knew that these were real
I’d leave my closet door open all night
I know the CIA would say
What you hear is all hearsay
I wish someone would tell me what was right

Up all night long
And there’s something very wrong
And I know it must be late
Been gone since yesterday
I’m not like you guys
I’m not like you

I am still the skeptic yes you know me
Been best friends and will be till we die
I got an injection
Of fear from the abduction
My best friend thinks I’m just telling lies

Up all night long
And there’s something very wrong
And I know it must be late
Been gone since yesterday
I’m not like you guys
I’m not like you

Dark and scary, ordinary, explanation
Information, nice to know ya, parnoia
Where’s my mother, biofather

Up all night long
And there’s something very wrong
And I know it must be late
Been gone since yesterday
I’m not like you guys
Twelve majestic lies


What are your favorite song lyrics? Do they remind you of an event that had happened in your life?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

12 thoughts on “Blink-182

  1. My best friend, Tori, and I LOVE Blink 182. In February, she and I will be turning 23. We are so excited to listen to the song ‘What’s My Age Again?’ because it is has a funny line that says, “Nobody likes you when you’re 23!” Except we are hoping to be liked at 23 😉

    Great post, Jack! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and interpretations on some of my favorite songs by Blink 182!

  2. When it comes to lyricists few fall into the same box as Mark E Smith, post-punk beligerent of the Fall. His words are ingenious and unfathomable (Ibis Hotel Man has to be a vicious sideswipe at a terrible hotel he must have once stayed in), and Doctor Buck’s Letter is the greatest song of all time.

    In the song, the narrator is upset by the collapse of a long standing friendship. Add to this an ominous letter from Doctor Buck. Trying to distract himself he listens to the radio and hears a list of things important to a man called Tong [presumably British DJ Pete Tong]. The list is superficial and puts in context the things that are important to the narrator. The song ends with the line ‘I was in the realm of the essence of Tong.’

    It’s on Youtube. The Fall are an acquired taste, but always amazing lyrics.

  3. I I love Blink-182’s All the Small Things and Adam’s Song. Kansas’s Carry On My Wayward Son and Don Mclean’s American Pie have haunting lyrics. I also love Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive and Of Men and Monster’s Little Talks.

  4. Interesting I’m reminded of ” Voltaire ” & his ” Being Evil ” song – Because, deny it or not, we all have an evil streak, even though the antagonist says ” The Devil tips his hat to me “, meaning he must be REALLY evil.

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