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The Walking Dead Returns

Another year, another season of The Walking Dead returns to AMC. Am I excited? You’re kidding, right? Of course, I’m excited! What other show on TV features survivors of a post-apocalyptic nightmare battling zombies—oops, sorry, walkers—in an all-out quest for world supremacy? No, I’m not talking about Breaking Bad, although that’s a cool show, too. I wish it were still on.

The Walking Dead Cast
The Walking Dead Cast

For today’s Monday Mayhem, allow me the liberty to provide you with a synopsis of the past four seasons, spoiler-free. That’s right, spoiler-free. It’s the least I can do, considering how I enjoy talking about movies and TV shows, asking questions to my friends like, “Did you see the part where (name the scene)—oh, yeah, that was awesome. Its brains sprayed everywhere!”

Season 1—The end-of-days madness begins with Deputy Sheriff Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) awakening from a wound sustained in the line of duty to a world infested with walkers. In a quest to find out what happened, Grimes and a group of mismatched survivors travel to Atlanta, Georgia on a rumor the CDC has set up a safe zone for anyone looking for refuge.


Season 2—After their daring escape from the CDC, the survivors head to Fort Benning as their next stop. On their way, they meet walkers bent on killing anything resembling human, survivors with similar malevolent intentions, and a farm. The farm not only becomes their sanctuary away from the rotting world, but also a place where a semblance of society begins to spring forth. In the midst of the silent fields, a dark secret awaits the brave.

Season 3—From a farm to a prison, the survivors make a home out of a jail. But with their newest safe haven also comes the neighboring town of Woodbury, fully fortified and fully prepared to defend its territory at all costs. The survivors are not welcomed, and a battle of wills ensues. A new enemy appears—The Governor (David Morrissey). Who will win the final war?


Season 4—When Rick Grimes relinquishes his leadership role to the survivors, a council emerges dedicated to the well-being of the many. Fighting through an influenza outbreak, another attempt at a prison overthrow, and a division among the ranks, the survivors hear of Terminus, a sanctuary devoted to helping everyone. But not all is what it seems and Rick ends the season by saying, “They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out—they’re screwing with the wrong people.”

Now, with Season 5 in full swing and the seeds planted for Season 6, yes, the survivors will be back next season, who knows what awaits Rick and the gang. One thing’s for sure, whatever it is, I know I’ll be tuning in every week.


What did you think of last night’s episode?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

21 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Returns

  1. This year’s premier was awesome! And the way it started off with that trough scene…so intense! Just wish the episode could have been longer!

      1. Awesome! The Walking Dead and In The Flesh are my two favourite Zombie shows. Also, Michonne has to be in your women on wednesday article soon 🙂

  2. so glad its back on. Awesome well scripted show. on the “Did you see” theme…Did you see the trough scene..OMG is all I can say, it was so cold, like we do this everyday, no biggie! Everyone is holding their breath just waiting for whats going to happen to the group! Awesome first episode, can’t wait to see what happens next.

  3. Sooooo glad Walking Dead is back on! 😀 My husband kept teasing me throughout the episode last night with who he thought was going to become zombie meat but luckily he was wrong! That being said, I guess that’s one bad thing about digging this show – NONE of the characters you’ve grown attached to over the previous seasons is really safe. It’s not like a sitcom where the worst thing to fear is a one of those cheap laugh track responses to the least funny joke ever.

  4. First of all, let me say, I love this show. Have seen every single episode, however it is lovingly called The Walking Stupid at my house. This group of people would have died a long time ago in a real Walker world. Why would anyone stay in a populated area trying to survive when there are so many places where people are few and far between. I know a county in Montana where the population is less than 600 people. I start seeing Walkers and you can bet my family and I will be setting up house keeping in Big Sky Country. Oh, the episode last night was great. I love Carole, maybe I’ll invite her to Montana.

  5. I love Carole so much right now. Her character is so roundly developed, I think that sort of consideration is why the show is such a success. All the characters seem like real people with complicated inner lives. Oh, and the zombies aren’t half bad either.

      1. They’ve gone from the CDC headquarters to Hershel’s farm, then to the prison, some went to Wooodbury, then Terminus. Perhaps their unofficial theme song should be ” On The Road Again ” by Willie Nelson. 🙂

        P.S. : Has anyone seen the docu – drama ” Town of the Living Dead ” ? It’s pretty good for a ” reality show ” chronicling the filming of an indie zombie flick.

  6. I like the guy who claims to have a solution for the ” walker ” plague all in his head. You’d think he would’ve kept notes.

    The Walking Dead has more character development than Syfy’s ” Z Nation ” series. More back – story. Z Nation episodes are like a lower – budget Michael Bay film.

    ” In the Flesh ” approaches zombies / walkers from still ANOTHER angle, as disease victims.

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