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Ryan Stone

I have something to say about a woman who doesn’t break down during the time most trying in her life. To see her at her worst and wonder how she’ll ever survive. To know in all that she’s accountable for, she will try her best—no matter what. It’s one thing when a woman says she can fight, but it’s another seeing it done without her ever having to speak the words.

Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone
Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone

Women Who Wow Wednesday proudly presents Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), the force behind the movie Gravity.

If you’ve seen the film, then you’ll know what I mean when I say Ryan Stone in Gravity lays it all on the line to become a true hero. How else can I describe her other than someone who relies on her ability to endure in order to stay alive?

Ryan Stone reminds me of Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) from the feature Cast Away. In that film, Chuck crashes on a deserted island with little to live on and a willingness to sacrifice with the aim to live another day. Stranded, he does what he can to make it through storms, rain, famine, and the undisputed wall of challenge.

Much like Chuck, Ryan has her work cut out for her. As the lone survivor to a space catastrophe, she bucks the wave of destruction headed her way to push forward and live. One hit after another her determination gives her the optimism she needs to carry onward without complaining. If one challenge doesn’t spark defeat, another waits in the wings for her to recover just enough to hit her again.

Gravity's Ryan Stone
Gravity’s Ryan Stone

The film is a case study of a woman’s resilience to go beyond herself so as she can attain the highest form of praise available—to live. That fortitude within herself is what makes the movie so jarring. Multiple viewings provide the moviegoer a front seat to Ryan’s point of view as the protagonist with a penchant to last against unsurmountable odds.

The best part about Ryan Stone’s character is that no matter how bad it gets, she manages to pull herself from the devastation and fight back. Her character is such that she doesn’t recognize defeat, even during her lowest point. She doesn’t gripe. She doesn’t complain. She has her moment, but then she works through it to become stronger. That strength makes her a survivor.

This is not a review. This is my homage to a character filled with hope. May that hope inspire those who need it the most.


Have you seen Gravity? What did you think of Ryan Stone?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

13 thoughts on “Ryan Stone

  1. Gravity was a great movie, mostly for its visuals. I’m a huge fan of Sandra Bullock’s so I love a lot of what she does. The whole situation is definitely devastating and her character went through a pretty intense mental journey (and physical one, of course).

  2. I posted this comment (or something like it, anyway) earlier, but I have been having browser issues and apparently this site didn’t like the two browsers I tried with it. So I’m using Safari here, which seems to work in this instance. Damn things. 🙂

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that this is an instance where I disagree with you (I’ve read several of your posts and normally I find myself saying “Yeah, right on). I thought Bullock was awful in the film, and she was the main reason I only made it about halfway through. I had really been anticipating watching this one too, because I really like this director normally. But Bullock seemed to me (and my wife, who was watching with me) to give a typical Hollywood performance that to us failed to create any sense of investiture in the character. I just found her annoying. Perhaps in a few years I will revisit the film and find my opinion is different, but odds are not great on that.

  3. Nice post, I haven’t seen the movie but my husband says it one that I have to see.

    Talking about women during trying times…You ever watch the TV show Naked and Afraid? It’s on Discovery…. I didn’t want to like it when it first started but after sitting through a few episodes and now an entire season, I’m kinda liking it a lot. Not that i like looking at a couple of naked, filthy dirty people out in the wild for 21 days but I like the fact that the person who almost always comes out of it mostly intact – mentally and physically – is the woman. The men tap out, shut down, drink the water out of impatience and get sick or hurt themselves almost every single time and the chick always comes out the stronger of the two.There have been a few princesses on there but not many. It’s an awesome thing for women to be able to show that we’re not always the weaker sex. My husband tried arguing about it, but after an entire season he’s ashamed of his fellow males while watching that show. Now he agrees with me that women are awesome when it comes to super stressful, high tension, do-or-die situations and men are not so awesome. I might have taken it a bit far when I started in with the whole,”who’s the white knight now? Damsel in distress my butt” taunts, but…. LOL

    1. This show is now on my to-watch list! Sounds like a great showcase for women, especially knowing how intact they come out of the mess once all is said and done. What season are they on?

      1. They’re on season 3. I didn’t realize that they started season 2 in march, took a break at the end of April and decided to call it season 3 when they started up again in June…I figured it was all season 2. ANYWAY, watch it! it’s fun.
        : )

      2. I will, I’m looking forward to it! I suppose the show works on the shortened season schedule I see a lot of these days, but no matter, any show that makes women look incredibly strong is okay by me!

        Drats, now I’m wondering if I get Discovery… Hmm, maybe it’s available online…

  4. What I like about the character is she is strong, but is still allowed to be feminine – even in a space suit. I love the scene where she talks her through getting the spaceship going.

    1. Totally agree. There’s also the scene where she strips to her undershirt and shorts and she floats in a fetal position. It reminds me of Ripley in the final scene of Alien. Great shot!

  5. I remember the positive buzz about Gravity, it was one of those that I didn’t get out to see. I’ll have to find a copy somewhere, just based on your recommendation.
    I have a weakness for the science fiction & fantasy & advnture genres. I remember watching Aliens Alien 3, & Alien Resurrection simply because Sigourney Weaver layed Ellen Ripley so WELL in them. & Blade Runner because of Sean Young as Rachel.

    1. You may like it. There’s a lot of fiction, not so much science, but you’ll love the character. Her strength blew me away. I really admire people who don’t let things get to them easily. Ryan’s definitely not a drama pit, for sure.

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