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Henley Reeves

Now you see me, now I hope you’ve seen this film. Isla Fisher plays Henley Reeves in the movie Now You See Me. I have the score. I play it on my iPod without let up. I play it in my car without relent. As for Henley? She’s one of those characters you wish you knew in real life and had an “in” on all her tricks. What would Women Who Wow Wednesday be without a magician in the mix? This is where I have to say spoilers lie therein, skip to the last paragraph.

The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen

Let’s start with actress Isla Fisher. The first time I saw this fun-loving redhead, she starred as Gloria Cleary in Wedding Crashers, the sex-crazed lunatic who hooks up with Vince Vaughn’s character, Jeremy Grey. She went on to star in movies such as Horton Hears a Who!, Bachelorette and The Great Gatsby.

In Now You See Me, Henley Reeves is a magician who attempts the impossible. Chained inside a tank filled with water, she battles to free herself before time runs out and a school of piranha makes meat of the young conjurer. She struggles, but her showmanship saves her, impressing the audience.

Later in the film, while Woody Harrelson’s character Merritt McKinney attempts to pick her up with lines such as, “You deserve to be made to feel special,” Henley feigns disinterest, but enjoys his attention nonetheless. She follows her instincts with what may be the score of a lifetime.

Now You See Me
Now You See Me

As one of the Four Horsemen, she becomes part of the biggest name in magic. Her earlier reservations as to whether she should join the group melt when she discovers an intricate plan three other magicians would soon rather not discuss. Henley’s contribution toward the team gives way to her desire for justice. In regards to the audience, justice becomes a Robin Hood affair.

Even with the threat of a jail term, Henley is able to maintain a humorous disposition. Her idea of fun is spinning a chair with her feet while handcuffed. She’s the girl walking out of the police station with a pair of thin gloves and a smug look on her face. She can beat the system and at the same time have no regard for the police’s desire for wanting to speak with her.

Above all else, Henley smirks whenever she wants to indicate she’s always a few steps ahead of whomever she feels is her competition. No matter how many times her competitors feel they’ve taken advantage of her, she reinforces her cunningness for situations that renders them helpless.

What’s more? No matter what anyone does, Henley never gives in to peer pressure. As terrible as things may sometimes get, she’s always the example others should follow.

Henley Reeves, a magician, a friend—she’s able to live life on the edge and at the end of the day she can still maintain her sense of humor.


What do you think of the movie Now You See Me? What do you think of Henley Reeves?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

15 thoughts on “Henley Reeves

  1. I’m surprised you liked my blog post that discussed Now You See Me given what I said about it. 😉

    I think I wouldn’t have minded the film so much if every single character wasn’t doing their best impersonation of Smug McSmuggerson the whole time. While everyone enjoys a good action-hero-bordering-on-superhero film (I’m thinking Diehard) where the hero/heroine comes out on top, completely unscathed, what I find most compelling is being able to see some vulnerability and therefore something that registers on that personal level. Tobey Maguire in Raimi’s Spiderman vanquished the hell out of his enemies but not after overcoming his inner demons. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that NYSM came off as Goliath vs Goliath more than David… (you know the rest!).

    I appreciate you having dropped by though. Sorry this comment ended up being so long!

    P.S. Love Isla Fischer. And basically the whole cast… In (nearly) everything they do.

  2. I had seen the previews for this movie, but haven’t seen it yet – it sounds like I should. Henley sounds like a great character. This may have to get a viewing this weekend!

  3. Now You See Me is a great film, and Isla’s character adds charm, spunk and beauty to its appeal. 🙂 Great post! (I saw her first in Confessions of a Shoppaholic which was lighthearted and fairy-tale-like but cute, nonetheless.)

  4. thank you for reminding me that i have GOT to see this film! i’ve wanted to see it since it first came out. hopefully, i can order it on demand this weekend.

    1. The producers originally wanted real piranhas in the scene, but once tank arrived on set they found the fish too small for what they wanted to do. Eventually the decision came to replace real piranhas with CGI versions and thus the scene became easy to film!

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