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My Book Release

It’s not every day I can say tomorrow I have a book releasing. It’s not as if I write a book every day. That’d make me one fast writer, for sure. It would also make me an incredible genius. Believe me, as much as I’d like to punch myself in the arm, no way would I consider myself an incredible genius. Not by a long shot.

Jack Flacco takes you to the edge of horror
Jack Flacco takes you to the edge of horror

For instance, I mess up directions whenever I go anywhere with my GPS. Somehow, the voice-assist stating, “800 meters, turn right” sets off a chain reaction in my brain that propels me to want to take the next right turn instead. Even if there’s 400 meters remaining for the turn. Also, I sometimes put on two different socks. But maybe you can forgive me in that respect since I do wake up at 5:00 A.M., and different shades of blue all look the same at that hour. And when I cut the lawn, I sometimes miss spots. I’ll notice it two days later when I’m having breakfast in our garden-view kitchen, and a strip of lawn waves at me, teasing me by saying, “You missed.”

Genius? Hardly.

I’m not very good with marketing either. The best I can do is slap on a few words to a picture about my book, and post it on my Facebook page and Twitter account hoping you might like it without my being too intrusive. Believe me, I dread these days I have to talk about my book. It’s something that does not come naturally and takes me forever to come up with words that wouldn’t make me sound like I’m bragging. Because that’s what I don’t want to do—sound like I’m bragging.

For this reason, I’m dedicating this Monday Mayhem post to my Review Team. These folks volunteered their time and energy to read Ranger Martin and The Zombie Apocalypse in order to not only provide me feedback, but to also give potential readers an honest opinion. It’s best hearing what they have to say than for me to open my mouth so you can watch my brains fall out.

Meet the Review Team

Jerry B.’s Trip Through The Mind“Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse is the type of story that draws you in and keeps you engrossed page after page.”

Bradley L. Bodeker’s The Insanity of a Mad B@stard“Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse is not your typical genre rehash of things you’ve seen, heard, read before. From the first time I popped open the book, I was glued to the pages.”

ButterflyMumma“Jack has a filmmaker’s sense of pacing and action. The book opens with a bang—Ranger is facing off against the oncoming horde on page 1… Stay-tuned for the film. This book was meant for the screen.”

Sonya Solomonovich’s Swashbuckler’s Tales“Jack Flacco excels at bringing the zombie-fighting action to life with his own brand of dynamic comic-book flavored violence.”

Heather-Joan’s Serenity’s Musings“I am not a fan of the reading sci-fi or zombies genre, but as far as Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse is concerned, I was hooked on page three and I couldn’t put it down after that.”

Patrick Todoroff’s Hot Space Station Justice“The genuinely refreshing thing is while RM is fraught with tension and action, (and zombies) it keeps from decomposing into ponderous, grim darkness with a salting of black humor and a light tone.”

Kim’s Tranquil Dreams“The book has quite a bit of intense action especially in the last few chapters. However, aside from it being very much action, in a way that you feel like you are reading a movie, Jack writes in a way where I had an easy time picturing and seeing in my mind what was really going down. It’s a pretty fun experience for the most part and especially in most situations, we always have Ranger Martin bringing in some witty smartass comment to loosen up the intensity sometimes.”

Katie Sullivan’s The D/A Dialogues“A tightly-knit story, woven together with humor, pathos and just-around-the-corner danger, Ranger Martin, was everything I wanted out of a thriller. It starts out with a bang, and doesn’t let up until the final page.”

Jess’ Waiting on a Word“As I read I lost myself in the story, swiping the pages over my iPhone any time I could spare a minute, and then about halfway through the action—BAM! Jack hit me with something I never expected. Wait? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I thought, as I flipped back and re-read.”

Gina G.’s GG’s World“It is a well paced story and then picks up speed to the point where you can’t put it down and will read until your tablet/kindle/ipad’s battery dies.  I lost a few hours of sleep this week reading it because I couldn’t put it down.”



Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

77 thoughts on “My Book Release

  1. Oh, and baa baa goes the sheep, I re-blogged too (how could I not?). Wasn’t sure if that would work so wanted to wait til I could see it worked before mentioning. 😛

  2. Reblogged this on juliehhicks and commented:
    I’ve never attempted this reblogging thing before so not entirely sure how this works. Hopefully you will see the amazing news that one of my friends in blog land, Jack Flacco, has a book release tomorrow. Or perhaps this will result in a blank page or error message, we’ll see in a moment. Assuming all goes well with this re-posting, check it out – Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse! (Now how can you not love a title like that?)

  3. Oh my, a book is really something to look forward to! What a wonderful accomplishment – congratulations. I look forward to reading your book – I hope someone will be there to hold my hand – zombies make me so nervous!
    Best of luck,

  4. I’ve got a feeling you won’t have to do any marketing. There’s a hoarde of zombies waiting in the wings to fly the flag for you. Congrats, Jack!

  5. Congratulations! Reading through the reviews it seems that your “baby” is ready to face the world with open arms. Good luck to you. I so enjoy your style of writing in this blog. If this is any indication of what is to be found in your book then it will be a best seller for sure.


  6. Good luck tomorrow with the release. You have a great story and vocal fans. I am confident the release will be a success. I have a few friends that are teachers that are looking forward to reading the book when it is released tomorrow.

    We will be here to support you through the marketing stage so you can quickly get back to writing the next book.

    Thank you for the opportunity to review the book. It was an honor.

  7. I wish you every success with your book. I love the fact that you hate doing the promo – I can so relate to that. I will happily promote everyone else’s book, but mine… nooo! What a brilliant way to do it by using the words of your review readers. Great stuff and good luck! 🙂

      1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I am editing my second book at the moment and then I need to do a marketing push when that is ready – I much prefer the writing stage! 🙂

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