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The Walking Dead

My Monday Mayhem series provides me with the opportunity to ramble on about zombies, the zombie apocalypse and the undead. Today’s no different. Because today, I want to ramble on about The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

I’ve wanted to write about The Walking Dead for a while now, but never really had any idea of how to approach it. I could talk about all the gnarly special effects with the guns blowing away the zombies or I can go into the incredible makeup each zombie actor in the show wears. However, I didn’t feel I’d provide anything new a reader couldn’t get anywhere else. And that’s what made me start this post, put it away and start it again. A few times in fact.

I decided to try something different instead.

For those who haven’t watched the show, AMC’s The Walking Dead is about a group of apocalypse survivors who search for a safe haven from evil. The evil being zombies. Although no one ever utters the word zombie in first season, labels such as Roamers, Walkers, Lamebrains, and Geeks make for good replacements.


Also to the credit of the show, the cast varies. Sheriff Rick Grimes, who’s smart, has moral integrity, a father, husband and a good friend, leads the group. He walks around flawed though, seeing things black and white causing him to make decisions that although ethically correct, causes more problems in the end. He is a protector and will do anything to keep the others safe.

Close to him is Deputy Shane Walsh, Rick’s best friend since high school. Living under Rick’s shadow, bitter resentment causes hatred, which ultimately results in Shane’s breakdown of conscience. This leads Shane to becoming a threat to the other survivors, including Rick’s son, Carl.

Lori Grimes is Rick’s wife and the center of the survivors’ emotional stability. She is loyal to Rick. This leads Shane to covet that which is Rick’s.

The Walking Dead is more than a typical zombie show. I wouldn’t consider it a zombie show at all if it weren’t for all the zombies popping up occasionally.

No, the show is about friendship. Every episode tries each friendship further and further in a refining fire. The audience watches this in awe, wondering how much can the characters take. No way can they survive this. Impossible! Yet, the friendships do survive. Through the yelling, screaming, betrayals and hatred, the survivors carry on, stronger, more determined to accomplish their goal of finding safety away from the Walkers.

The Walking Dead is a testament to what Hollywood can accomplish when the right people come together in an effort to create something exceptional. The show’s grounding comes from producers who know how the human condition works.

Have you seen The Walking Dead? What do you like about the show? Is there something in the show you’d like to see?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

29 thoughts on “The Walking Dead

  1. This is my absolute favorite show! I think the acting on the show is incredible and I definitely agree with you that the show is about more than just zombies. The comics are amazing too, and I can’t wait to see how many more characters from the comics end up in the show.

  2. I too love Andrew Lincoln, he’s great in this show. I agree it is more about the characters and friendships. I was pretty surprised that Daryl left. I hope he comes back to the group!

  3. Love the show but I am finding this is truly one that you just can’t have a favorite character with. At least not for long. Then again, it’s a bunch of people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse so seeing my favs walk off with a chip on their shoulder or get their shoulder actually munched away wasn’t much of a shock.

  4. You should read Warm Bodies. Solid book. I saw the movie. It was well done. As for The Walking Dead. AMC got it right again. This show is AWESOME. I never heard of the graphic novels before the premiere of the show. I watched the first episode through my fingers. You’re right the show isn’t about the zombies. Its about how people cope with trying to survive each and every day. You would think that some folks would come together for the greater good but there are those like the Governor who is on some freaking power trip. The story line and interactions between the characters are amazing. In the last episode, you see Rick really break down mentally. Hell I don’t think I would be able to continue being a leader and making sure everyone is OK. I’m surprised he hadn’t broke down sooner. I’m trying not to give spoilers but the scene with his wife during labor and Rick’s reaction afterwards had me in tears. It was one of the most well acted gut-wrenching moments on television. I love it.

  5. Nice post. I love the Walking Dead, it’s a terrific show. I think it’s great that the show’s characters go through so many developments each season, e.g. Rick Grimes in season three is nothing like the season before. The guy turns out to be mentally insane after all!

  6. Nowadays I love the Walking Dead. I liked the first season a lot, I thought that only six episodes was a good format to go with and each episode kept you interested. Then the second season came and I quit watching it for a few months. Out of twenty episodes there where only four that was worth watching. Now in season 3 everything is going strong and I think that the show is at its peak. Action, suspense and action is the summary for the third season and I love it. It is definitely worth your time even tough season two was a bit of a disappointment.

  7. I’ve watched The Walking Dead since episode one, enjoying the ups and struggling through the downs of this unique show. I don’t love it, but I love writing about it, perhaps because of its mix of good and bad. The show features great camerawork, a pretty solid cast and stories that are willing and able to go to darker places than almost any other show out there. It also has moments of character inconsistency/stupidity, transparent twists/developments, and a particular problem writing for certain characters. Still, I enjoy the show quite a bit and, with season 3 being a step up from season 2, I’m not going to stop watching anytime soon.

  8. The key to The Walking Dead is its perspective. Horror is generally plot-oriented, but The Walking Dead is character-oriented. In other words, the story is about the characters, not the zombies. The zombies are an outside force providing the catalyst for conflict among the characters. Very well written series overall.

    1. I have yet to read the book. I just burned through Ford County by John Grisham. I’m in the middle of Time to Kill then have The Partner waiting for me. Once I’m done those, I’ll look into Warm Bodies. I saw the movie last weekend and thought it was great. BTW, I’m over at Biff Bam Pop! so you’ll definitely hear from me.

  9. The problem with Walking Dead is that the story is designed to last for a long long time. Therefore, friendships will be destroyed, hope will be lost, people will die and die and die. You will see the worst of human condition, you will see all these people broken apart.

    After all, the title refers to the human characters. In zombie apocalypse, there’s no hope or chance for life of any sort – they may try to walk away, but death will catch up to them eventually.

  10. Agreed. It’s really not a zombie show. It’s more of a human spirit show. I am a fan too. Thanks for the post! Check out the graphic novel it’s based on if you want more 🙂

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