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Welcome back to Women Who Wow Wednesday where I talk about girls or women who leave a trail of inspiration in the wake of their success. Most of the characters are fictional. If you would like to view the rest of the Women Who Wow Wednesday posts in the series, you can click on the Women Who Wow Wednesday link at the top of this post.

Kick-Ass' Hit-Girl
Kick-Ass’ Hit-Girl

If you haven’t seen the movie Kick-Ass, boy, are you in for a treat. For us Canadians, the opening scene is a gift to those who work downtown. My building faces the building featured in the movie. So whenever I see the film, it reminds me of my daily commute to the city.

Chloë Grace Moretz as Hit-Girl
Chloë Grace Moretz as Hit-Girl

That’s not what I want to write about though. I would like to introduce to you Hit-Girl, the star of the movie Kick-Ass. Played by Chloë Grace Moretz, who also played Abby in the scary vampire flick Let Me In (the North American version of the terrifying Norwegian film Let the Right One In), she has the knack to put evil elements in their place. A salty mouth and the propensity for violence, eleven-year-old Hit-Girl takes flack from no one.

You read that right. She’s eleven years old, but she can use a gun like a professional soldier, throw knives like a ninja and take a bullet like a grown man. She has no fear, for fear is weakness. She has a vulnerability to her character only few know about. Let me rephrase that: She allows only a few to see her vulnerabilities. Her mentor Big Daddy, played by Nicholas Cage, taught her everything he knows.

The interesting part about Hit-Girl’s character is not so much that she’s eleven years old, but that she acts older than her age. This may shock the audience watching her antics for the first time. She is not a pushover, that’s for sure. Her hardcore superhero status beams loud and clear. No one should trifle with this girl of dangerous demeanor.

Allies Kick-Ass & Hit-Girl
Allies Kick-Ass & Hit-Girl

She may have an ally in Kick-Ass (a.k.a. Dave Lizewski played by Englishman Aaron Taylor-Johnson), but her thrill comes with vanquishing villains via her cunning and her deception. The deception being she’s only eleven years old. I think I’d mentioned that, right?

Hit-Girl: The Beatdown
Hit-Girl: The Beatdown

I said this before in other Women Who Wow Wednesday posts, women need characters in movies that empower them to reach their full potential. Hit-Girl may prove to be somewhat hard to digest for those with weak stomachs, but she certainly packs a punch when showcasing ideals for women searching for individuals of empowerment.

Have you seen Kick-Ass? What do you think? Do you think Hit-Girl is another one of Hollywood’s prefab superheroes designed to bring in oodles of cash at the box office? Or is she a force of reckoning for the evils that exist in this world?


Jack Flacco is an author and the founder of Looking to God Ministries, an organization dedicated to spreading the Word of God through outreach programs, literature and preaching.

7 thoughts on “Hit-Girl

  1. Perhaps its just me but I found this movie just plain silly, not my thing at all, only managed about 30 mins. Think Miss Moretz has got something, but this is no outlet for her talent

  2. Kick-Ass is another of my fav movies. The character Hit Girl is awesome, and I adore Chloe Grace Moretz. I can’t wait for August, the second Kick-Ass looks like it’ll be just as good as the first.

  3. yeah how did we do it:)… too bad one the best TV shows in history will never be relased on dvd or br.. almost all the tv show are avialable except for The Wonder Years..

  4. probably one of my favorite characters and superhero movies. i really thought this movie was going to be a stinker because i wasn’t really a big fan of the comic. this movie changed my mind.
    her ferocity in her character really throws off a person’s thought process. watching an 11 year old girl tear apart the mob like clive owen or bruce willis. my jaw fell right the hell off.

    1. When I first heard about the movie I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it. It surprised me. The story was great, the characters were colorful and the music rocked. The whole Hit-Girl back story blew me away, too!I can’t wait until Kick-Ass 2 comes out. Hit-Girl will be older, so I’m hoping her ferocity will be just as mature!

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