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Lois Lane

I don’t know what’s more thrilling, watching a movie with such great actors in it or watching a movie and instantly recognizing the music. The 1978 version of Superman’s like that. Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, John Williams all make this wonderful story come to life.

Margot Kidder as Lois Lane
Margot Kidder as Lois Lane

Women Who Wow Wednesday wouldn’t be complete without Lois Lane. She’s Superman’s confidant. His girl. His friend. She does get into trouble a lot, but that’s only because her curiosity and her desire to get to a story encourages her willingness to take risks. She’s a firecracker, and Superman’s the one who has come into her life to settle it.

John Williams’ opening theme reigns majestic and heralding. It announces of Superman’s arrival, his illustrious fall to planet Earth and his subsequent conquest of evil. It’s so recognizable a theme that, other than the latest Superman movie, all other films featuring the Man of Steel includes Williams’ music in some form or fashion.

Then there’s Superman himself. Who doesn’t remember the line, “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?” His ability to overcome the laws of physics makes him invincible.

But Superman does have a weakness. Kryptonite. That weakness drains him of his power, which then causes him to become more fragile than an ordinary mortal. Knowing this, it begs the question: would Superman purposefully sacrifice his extraordinary power in order to become more human?

Christopher Reeve as Clark  Kent/Superman
Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent/Superman

For the love of a woman, Superman does just that. That love interest is Lois Lane. What makes Lois Lane so incredible that she would cause even Superman to cast aside his godlike powers to be with her? She must be pretty special.

Much of who Lois is centers as a reporter for the Daily Planet. Her tough-as-nails reporting style captures the attention of Editor-in-Chief Perry White who sends her to scout the most dangerous of stories. Strong-willed, independent, Lois has an appetite for peril. Nothing scares her. She has an uncanny ability to remain focused in spite of everything that may go on around her. What’s more? She’s unbelievably attractive.

As Clark Kent, Superman appears to Lois as a bumbling yet kind-hearted reporter. What Clark lacks in bravery, Lois compliments in attitude. At the same time, Clark’s ability to mask his identity has Lois always guessing who Superman could be. Though it doesn’t stop her from suspecting Clark and Superman are one in the same. Her reporter instincts have yet to betray her in that respect.

No matter how powerful Superman is, he will always meet his match with Lois Lane. She’s motivated, headstrong and sometimes stubborn, but no one can deny her the status as Superman’s girl. After all, he once surrendered all his power for her.


What do you think makes Lois Lane timeless? How many times have you watched a Superman movie?