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Jane Foster

Her idea of fun is sitting in a truck waiting for a storm to erupt. For six college credits, she’ll to do anything. But then, anything showed up knocking at her door. In this edition of Women Who Wow Wednesday, let’s get to know Jane Foster, Thor Odinson’s match.

Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth
Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth

*** Be warned: Spoilers lie therein ***

A long time ago, when the Frost Giants came to conquer our world, Odin (Anthony Hopkins) the King of Asgard appeared with his formidable armies, and vanquished the evil beings from the face of the earth, stripping them of their power.

In time, Odin had a son whose name he blessed as Thor (Chris Hemsworth). The king bestowed upon him the mighty hammer Mjölnir—a weapon imparted with the strength to destroy or a tool to build. During Thor’s coronation as Odin’s successor, The Frost Giants attempt to repossess the Tesseract, the source of their power, from Asgard’s vault. The plan fails and Thor journeys to Jotunheim to seek revenge. But to this end, Thor’s arrogance lands him at a precipice surrounded by the evil Jotuns, only to have Odin himself save him from an untimely demise.

Back at Asgard, after a heated argument with his father, Odin banishes Thor to earth, throwing the hammer along with him with specific instructions to the Mjölnir that only he who is worthy can possess it.

Jane Foster
Jane Foster

This is where Jane (Natalie Portman) comes in. She finds the mighty son of Odin and takes him to the hospital in modern day New Mexico. Of course she believes he’s delusional. Who wouldn’t be, getting hit by a truck? Twice. Yet, she trusts him. He has answers and she wants them. She wants to know where he came from. She wants to know how he traveled to earth in a beam of violent light. And she wants to know why no one can rip the hammer from its resting place fifty miles west from where he landed.

Taking a leap of faith, Jane trusts Thor to reveal his identity by transporting him to the site where his hammer lays. The mission to reclaim the Mjölnir fails. Odin’s instructions to the hammer remain intact, and Thor walks away at a loss as to why he wasn’t able to reacquire his trusty companion.

Jane’s confidence in Thor draws them closer making her his true counsel. She lends him credence where others have turned away. Her steadfast conviction that he’s more than what he appears guides her to convince the others he is the only one who can save mankind from the treacherous clutches of the Frozen Giants.

Whoever Thor is, Jane supports him one-hundred percent. That intimate faith in him is what makes Jane who she is—a believer—an advocate for that which is unseen.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone like Jane in our corner when we go about our daily lives?


Have you watched Thor? Did you watch the sequel? What do you think of the son of Odin?