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Humans vs. Zombies

The zombies are here. They have taken over college campuses worldwide. They will not surrender until every remaining human joins their cause. They are armed. And their weapons reflect their war—Nerf guns.

Humans vs. Zombies
Humans vs. Zombies

For my Monday Mayhem series last week, I wrote about The Zombie Run event taking place throughout cities in the United States. Proceeds of which go to Active Heroes, a charity that aids veterans, active duty military, and families. I thought I’d compliment that post with this one about the rage sweeping college campuses everywhere.

The game goes by the name of Humans vs. Zombies. Students describe it as the most elaborate game of tag anyone’s ever played. Awesome, as some have said.

This is how it works: two Original Zombies go up against about 150 humans. Armed with marshmallows, balled-up socks, and Nerf guns, the humans try to take out the zombies. Upon first inspection, a great disparity exists in numbers. However, that soon changes when one learns the zombies have a big advantage. After sitting out for fifteen minutes, the zombies can attack again. As this happens, the proportionate ratio of zombies to humans grows. At Montana State University, the zombies won the last event.

Nova Scotia students playing Humans vs. Zombies
Nova Scotia students playing Humans vs. Zombies

Students enjoy the game as it presents opportunities to meet new people. It also promotes stress relief on campus.

The game comes with general rules of engagement (can change based on campus location).

  • Humans must wear armbands at all times.
  • Zombies must wear headbands at all times.
  • Original zombies are not required to wear headbands.
  • When humans tag zombies, zombies have to sit it out for fifteen minutes.
  • When zombies tag humans, zombies must collect their ID card. An hour later, the armband converts to a headband and the former human can now hunt humans. They are zombies.
  • Humans must stay on campus the entire period of the game.
  • Zombies cannot use shield to deflect darts.

And of course there are safety rules to adhere to.

  • No realistic looking weaponry. Blasters must be brightly colored and have blaze-orange tips.
  • Blasters may not be visible inside of academic buildings or jobs on campus.
  • Players may not use cars or play where there is traffic.
  • Foam darts must not hurt on impact.

The game seems like something I would have played in college. The Original Zombie idea makes it rather interesting as well, since Original Zombies do not have headbands and can easily take out unsuspecting humans by pretending to be human. The trick is to ask the question, “Are you a zombie?” Original Zombies cannot lie. But they can certainly stretch the truth. Perfect preparation for real world politics.

Have you heard of the game Humans vs. Zombies? Have you played it? If so, what did you like most about it?